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Very Disturbing

 Summary and scans can be viewed here

The Good

Disturbing story- This was just unnerving in every sense of the word. This comes from someone who chuckles while watching the “Saw series”. This villain while outwardly and especially in his clown attire gives an air of “a version of joker” is neither as happy about what he does (at least outwardly) as you would expect him to be…..he comes of as truly mentally unhinged and mentally deranged in a league all his own. Not to mention the scene where he watches his handy work on TV while eating flies which just flew off a dead and rotting body and sitting in his own Urine gives the kind of vibe where every hair stands on end from the sheer creepiness of it all. The mayor and his sanctimonious speech and attitude are also perfectly paced. Humans on a whole tend to like living in our own bubbles not concerned with each others lives and deaths unless they directly affect us and here the mayor becomes the “every day man”. There is no love for Junkies in real life lets be honest for a second and let’s not even talk about the rejoicing that would likely occur if all junkies just fell dead while we the “clean’ populace were left unharmed. It’s that kinda thing! Now when things get personal and say….our child gets killed or maybe our spouse by the same thing killing the junkies then shit gets real, our personal bubble has been burst and the reality and gravity of what had happened to others comes full circle. That was damn well portrayed!

That last page was open mouthed shocking too!

Art- While I’m not a fan of this style it captured the villain perfectly and scenes where he is just standing there doing nothing more than staring……are very unnerving.

The Bad

Our hero is not nearly as engaging as our villain.

The batman and joker similarities will leave some unable to get into the story.

Art, language and graphic violence will leave some unhinged…this is not for the whole family!

The Ugly


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