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Racism gets a smack in the face!

 Summary and scans can be viewed here

The Good

I loved the cover art Nigthhawk just looked super bad.

The story- I liked that the first issue wasn’t about the origin of the titular hero….it’s been done to death and it bores me! Instead we get the full treatment of the villain. It’s a interesting tale for a number of reason. The first bit of information we get on him suggest he’s a nice man who helped out a poor black woman, perhaps he was set up, the justice system is unfair. All of this quickly comes undone as we learn more, he’s potentially psychotic with scars on both sides of the face which leaves him with a perpetual permanent scowl. Joker would make face scars popular in Batman: the dark knight but it was done here first!

The hate crime at the start of the book also was a poignant statement, using the word Nigger three pages into any comic is just big furry balls bold! No matter what the message is. This one though left me thinking the mob killing this guy…may not be a bad thing, it’s that powerful a visual.

Lost of over the top violence peppered with so many swears your head will spin is sure to appeal to those who like a bit more edge to their comics.

The Bad

Nighthawk at this point is simply another anagram of D.C comics Batman with a really cool aesthetic.

The art, violence and the potty mouth language makes this not suitable for kids or the family.

The Ugly

It was bold but still Average 2.7

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