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Jason Scott sits in his hotel, speaking into a Dictaphone. He describes his anxious and excited emotional state, hoping that he will survive long enough to publish his latest story, the biggest of his career. He has just finished interviewing the government-appointed foster parents of Mark Milton (Hyperion), and they have revealed to him that Mark Milton is not an American, not a human, but an alien. A government agent shadows his moves as Scott leaves his hotel for the airport.

General Alexander arrives at a strip club, searching for Hyperion. When he finds Hyperion, Hyperion's mental state is reflected in his words, he expresses doubts that the things he was taught when he was young were true, and says that he has decided he is now "outside the system." He is in the strip club, in part, because he wants to experience parts of his life that the government didn't provide him the opportunity to experience, out of their desire to keep him wholesome, and in part to have a place to figure things out.

General Alexander offers "one last chance" for Hyperion to come back into the fold. Hyperion takes his statement as a threat, and demonstrates his immunity from threats of harm by firing a bullet from Alexander's pistol at point blank range into his eye. The bullet deforms and does no damage. Alexander says that force isn't the only way to hurt someone. Mark says that he will stay on the outside, helping people because he enjoys it and because it is the only thing he knows how to do. General Alexander leaves and makes a call to prevent the assassination of Jason Scott, thereby allowing the release of his expose.

Joe Ledger and Kingsley have arrived at his estate. Joe carved a giant aquarium into the house, which was seized from a terrorist funding operation by the government. It is clear that Joe Ledger is attracted to Kingsley, and that an emotional connection is growing deeper between the two. Zarda arrives on the scene, drawn by the voice of the crystal. The crystal takes over consciousness from Joe, and communes with Zarda, revealing that her mind has been damaged. In lieu of fixing her, the crystal begins to provide her with information. Kingley, perceiving a threat to Joe, attacks Zarda, which breaks the crystal's control. Zarda creates a cover story that she came looking for Joe because she was aware that he was seeking others with special powers, and that she was attacked without provocation by Zarda. Joe doesn't realize that he blacked out again.

Zarda leaves, and finds another victim to drain of youth to rebuild the damage inflicted by Kingsley.

Jason Scott's story is printed on the front page of the Washington Herald, over his editor's concerns that printing the story may endanger his life.

Mark is in bed with a stripper from the club he was visiting earlier when a news report comes on, revealing that he is an alien. His angry glare at seeing the story is almost a physical force.

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