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A local farm couple is traveling home as a spacecraft crash lands into the cornfields not far from their truck. The couple rushes from their truck to investigate the crash. Upon arrival they discover an infant child. Miraculously, the child is unharmed and decide to take the child home with them. Not long after, a black ops government squad apprehend the child from the family.

The child is explained to be alien which looks eerily human. President Carter acknowledges that the child is an orphan and "should be raised by the state." The government goes into an extensive program of training the perfect American. They name him, Mark Milton, place him in a quaint American home, and give him a dog named Spot, all while under the supervision of the Government. The foster parents soon learn of Mark's abilities as he vaporizes the family dog. We see how Mark is raised with home schooling and pro-America proganda throughout his childhood.

When reaching the George Bush, Sr. era, the government updates President Bush on the program with Mark and a crystal excavated from Mark's pod. The crystal bends an individual's will to reality. The president is, also, shown a final broadcast, from what is actually an escape pod, explains Mark's arrival to Earth as his former ship what attacked and destroyed.

Mark begins to discuss some of his abilities with his father and infers to how he wishes to interact with the outside world. His father explains how he is "different." Mark asks his father if he loves him and if his parents love him that he will stay. Mark explains this while floating above the ground saying, "I don't have to stay." If they love him, that's the only reason he would stay.

President Bush soon realizes a possible issue from the Mark's arrival to Earth. If mark is the first of his kind then there should be more. The first book ends with a child playing his dog outside. He dares his dog for a race and leaves him in the dust.

General Notes

Richard Isanove provides inks for the cover only.

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