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    The Kree supreme Intelligence is the collective of the greatest Kree minds in history and living embodiment of power.

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    Supreme Intelligence is a cybernetic computer system which sums the mightiest military minds of untold millennia. Intelligence from all corners of the Kree Empire continuously flow through it's circuits. Not only does it store information it also deduces and compiles information, figuring out enemies secrets, strategies and weaknesses. The Supreme Intelligence's sole purpose is to genetically improve the Kree race, after generations of being at a standstill.

    The Supremor initiated research to develop a way to improve upon Kree genetics and their scientists were successful. On over 100 worlds they developed races of Inhumans, successfully altering alien DNA and enhancing them. But one mind within the Intelligence prophesized the rise of the Inhumans and the eventual destruction of the Supreme Intelligence. He ordered the destruction of all the races and the Public Accusers destroyed entire worlds. But all the information on the experiment was not downloaded to the intelligence and five races survived. Although this was unknown at the time, as a precaution the Supreme Intelligence was backed up as the Supremor Seed to be revived later if necessary.

    For a time, the Supreme Intelligence required an outside power source, the Soul Gem, to control the racial hatred of the blue and pink Kree minds contained inside of him. When the Silver Surfer removed the gem from him he lost his mind when the blue and pink minds waged war inside him.

    Supreme Intelligence was found by the Contemplator who infused his mind into it to trick the Kree and control the empire through Supremor. The Cotati foiled his plans and used their mind control on Supreme Intelligence to have him tell the Kree that Clumsy Foulup would be the new Supremor. This was short lived and eventually he was reinstated as Supremor.

    The Supreme Intelligence is mercifully killed by Ronan after being lobotomized by the House Fiyero during the events of Annihilation.

    His body was resurrected by the Phalanx invasion of the Kree Empire during Annihilation Conquest. The Phalanx planned to use the Supreme Intelligence as a psychic weapon to make all the Kree willfully accept the takeover of the Phalanx. From his living death, the Supremor sent out the mind of Sim-Del, father of Zak-Del, the one known as Wraith. The unique parasites known as the Exolon that had consumed Wraith's soul could also take the Supreme Intelligence's soul, thus freeing him from his tormented state and stopping the Phalanx weapon.

    The Supreme Intelligence was freed and his soul taken into Wraith.

    The Supreme Intelligence gives a superb example of his awesome mental powers in Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #48. Here his telepathic attack penetrates the Invisible Woman's force field and stuns her with much pain.

    War of the Four Cities

    It was late revealed that Ronan kept a "seed" of the original Intelligence inside his Universal weapon and following the War of the Four Cities. Two of the multi-dimensional Reed Richards that were responsible for the war were used to recreate the Supreme Intelligence from the seed. In doing so, the Intelligence gained a new sense of multi-dimensional knowledge and took back control of the Kree Empire and launched an assault on the "new" Annihilation Wave.

    In Other Media


    In the Silver Surfer animated series
    In the Silver Surfer animated series

    Video Game

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    • The Kree Supreme Intelligence appears in the Japanese fighting game Avengers in Galactic Storm, made by Data East. He is the mastermind behind the events of the game, and sends the Supremor to fight the player.


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    • NECA released an oversized HeroClix figure of the Kree Supreme Intelligence as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

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