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Supreme Intelligence makes his move

Captain´s team (Sersi, Crystal, Dark Knight and Hercules) arrives in Hala, capitol city of the Kree Empire, with the tough job of convincing the Joint Rulers of the Krees to stop this mad war with the Shi´ar. But there is more things than the eye can see as the Supreme Intelligence´s machinations can bring doom to all of them, both Krees and Earth´s heroes. Harras is an excellent writer of Sersi, Hercules, Captain America and the Supreme Intelligence, making this issue really cool, but with too many captions, what makes the pace really slow, almost boring, despite some action scenes between the Avengers and the Star Force.

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The plot behind the Supreme Intelligence´s plans is very interesting, he´s truly a chess master, doing what he believes it will be the catalyst for the evolution of the Krees, not matter the consequences. Poor can the Avengers do, since the things set in motion, and their unanwareness of such things, will prove to have deadly consequences. Again Steve Epting stroke me with his realistic and marvelous art: it amazes me how much he evolved from his early (yet great) days behind the Avengers to his latest work (like the Fantastic Four).

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As much as I like this series I don´t think it is believable that a small pack of Avengers (in what first was a mission of Diplomacy) could achieve much things in Hala, but the fact that they are the tools of the Supreme Intelligence´s machinations they´ll have to come up with a fallback plan, if they think something is still saveable. The greatest things in this issue are some dialogues and the art. I rated it 4 because of the exposure of Supreme Intelligence (I don´t like his dialogues) and because of no matter how much the Supreme Intelligence tampered with Hala´s security, it would be very unlikely that Deathcry could enter so easily (I´m not doubting her stealth skills) in Hala.
4 out 5

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