Team » Suprematons appears in 15 issues.

    Robotic replicas of Superme which he used to protect his secret identity and oversee the Citadel Supreme.

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    Suprematons were built by Supreme since his early days as Kid Supreme. The robots were designed to be decoys for anyone who might discover Supreme's secret identity as Ethan Crane. When Supreme left Littlehaven for Omegapolis, he took his Suprematons to his floating fortress, the Citadel Supreme, where they safeguard it and they also act more like servants when people visit.

    Not only Supreme has built robotic replicas of himself, there are a few robotic replicas of his friends and family.

    Known Suprematons:

    • Suprematon S-1 (later renames himself Telos)
      • R-1 (an Suprematon from an alternate timeline caused by Wild Bill Hickcok)
    • Suprematon S-2
    • Suprematon S-3
    • Suprematon S-5
    • Joe Crane (created by S-1. Shut down when the real Supreme returned)
    • Joanne Crane (created by S-1. Shut down when the real Supreme returned)
    • Judy Jordan (created by S-1. Was shut down until it was reinstated to hosts Judy's subconscious after Darius Dax used her body and abandoned it)
    • Radar (created by S-1. Was destroyed by Supreme and again by Shadow Supreme)

    Note: When Alan Moore took over Supreme in 1996, he resigned him to embody the Silver Age Superman mythos. The Suprematons are based on the Superman Robots.


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