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    A type of limbo realm for different incarnations of Supreme and his friends and family. A paradise for characters "written out" of continuity.

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    Long before Supremacy, it was once an absolute and infinite white void. By 1941, the Original Supreme was the first of many inhabitants to be "erased" from their existence. Besides himself, he soon found remnants from his world that appeared in limbo (the Daily Record building, chunks of Littlehaven and some of his supporting characters - Diana Dane, Judy Jordan, Lucas Tate, and Billy Friday). In the next several years, more variants of Supreme, his supporting casts and locations started to appear after they too disappeared from existence and each one more different from the last.

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    By 1968, King Supreme the Fifth and his home planet, Supron, arrived. Under his leadership, King Supreme combined the help of the Original Supreme, 50s Supreme, Squeak the Supremouse, Three Sergeants Supreme and several others they turned their uninhabited world into a paradise world for Supremes who'd been displaced from multiple revisions. By using the fragments from their separate mythologies as raw materials; the planet Supron, the old Daily Record Building and various Littlehavens and Omega Cities, they spent over thirty years of construction to build a celestial golden city of their own image unparalleled to anything to house each Supreme and their supporting characters and love interests that has been rubbed out existence. Aside from homes, Supremacy has has a shopping mall and a baseball field. They also constructed a device to allow night to polarize the white limbo light for sleep and evening social events.

    By 1996, the 90s Supreme was experiencing a flicker of revision after he returned from space and was greeted by Original Supreme, Sister Supreme, Superion and Squeak. They took the "new" avatar to Supremacy where he was amazed by the sudden wonder of his surroundings. He was greeted by everyone as the latest Supreme to experience the flicker and they paid tribute to him as the first Supreme to enter Supremacy before his true life and before it was cancelled from existence. Feeling at a crossroads, Supreme decides to return to his world once the flickering was over as he felt it was his duty as a Supreme and has to earn his way to Supremacy from his heroic exploits. After Supreme walked through the Golden Gate, he began his long journey in revised world of the mid-1990s.

    In an unprecedented moment after the 90s Supreme departure, Kid Supreme also left Supremacy after a change of heart. Just as the "revision" occurred, he became his new life with all his memories intact.

    The 90s Supreme would return to Supremacy once again, this time he brought the 90s Diana Dane with him. Using his own Golden Gate, the two traveled to Supremacy as both a dating experience and road trip for Diana to be inspired to write the next Omniman comic book for Dazzle Comics. There Diana met thousands of variant Supremes and Dianas.

    The End of Supremacy
    The End of Supremacy

    When an army of dimensional duplicates of Darius Dax from Daxia lay siege to Supreme's Citadel Supreme, Diana opened the Golden Gate to get help from Supremacy. As every Supreme was about to come to the aid of their comrade, Supremacy was destroyed by a Dax as Original Supreme, Squeak, 50s Supreme and Sister Supreme became the sole survivors and refugees. It was revealed that the original Liefeld Supreme was imprisoned deep within Supremacy when the last "revision" occurred. He was freed by Original Supreme and the New Supreme to end the massacre.

    Known Inhabitants:

    Every Supreme Imaginable
    Every Supreme Imaginable
    • Original Supreme
    • King Supreme the Fifth [deceased]
    • Sister Supreme
    • Superion
    • Squeak the Supremouse
    • Macrosupreme
    • 50s Supreme (Lion Supreme, Inscet Supreme, Balloon Animal Supreme, Giant Turtle Supreme, Zebra Supreme, Old Supreme, Jekyll-and-Hyde Supreme)
    • Sirius the Stallion Supreme
    • Supreme White
    • Supreme Gold
    • Supreme-of-the-Future
    • Fat Supreme
    • Meka-Supreme
    • Grim 80s Supreme
    • Micro Supreme
    • Supremite
    • Supremonkey
    • Six-Gun Supreme
    • Secondary Supremes:
      • Three Sergeants Supreme:
        • Specky Supreme
        • Scrappy Supreme
        • Shorty Supreme
      • Probe/Lady Supreme
      • Kid Supreme [left Supremacy after he changed his mind]
      • Sally Supreme [an early version of Suprema]
      Love Interests (multiple versons of Diana Dane and Judy Jordan from different eras):
      • 50's Diana Dane
      • Queen Diana
      • Traumatized Grim '80s Diana
      • Diana Duck
      • Judy Jordan
      Friends (multiple versions of Billy Friday and Lucas Tate):
      • Billy Friday
      • Lucas Tate

    Known Locations:

    • Supremarch's Palace
    • Supremall

      • Snackbar Supreme

    • Baseball Field Supreme

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