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    Sally Crane is Suprema, sister of Supreme and a member of Youngblood. She is an analogue of Supergirl.

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    Suprema was created by Alan Moore to replace Lady Supreme in Rob Liefeld's comic book Universe. In Moore's notes, Suprema has the body of the Queen of Pop - Madonna and is the analogue of DC Comics' Silver Age Supergirl.


    Awesome Universe


    Sally was adopted by the Cranes in the late-1950s and became Supreme's sister. Like her adopted big brother before her, Sally was expose to Supremium from a conflict between Supreme and the Supremium Man (was actually turned out to be Darius Dax from the future). The effects of Supremium turned Sally's hair white and gained super powers on her birthday. From that day forward, Sally would become the superheroine Suprema - Sister of Supreme, the Lass of Laurels, the Girl of Our Dreams. In her teen years in the 1960s, Suprema became the protector of Glenvale where she fought the demonic Satana. Later in her superheroine career, Suprema became friends with Twilight the Girl Marvel (the niece and partner to Professor Night) and became a member of the League of Infinity.

    When her brother left the planet she assumed his duties as protector of Earth. Suprema's responsibilities were short lived when Gorrl the Living Galaxy arrived and threatened the destruction of the Milky Way unless he had a suitable human companion. Suprema volunteered to be his bride in return for sparring the galaxy from destruction. Suprema and her superpowered canine companion Radar left the planet with Gorrl as they spent the next thirty years in a black hole for almost an eternity never aging.

    By 1997, Supreme returns and discovers what has happened to his sister. As he travels into deep space, he thaws out Radar from a block of ice and together the two were able to locate and free Suprema from Gorrl and then help Gorrl reconnect with his people. Together as a family again, Suprema and Radar returned to Omegapolis where they were given a hero's welcome. Suprema continues to live in a shell world where she exists as a being of thought and light in the grim world of the 1990s and that everyone she knew has either died or aged (such as her former high school boyfriend Troy Taylor). Suprema and Radar reside at the Citadel Supreme. Eventually she befriends her brother's co-worker Diana Dane.

    Soon, Darius Dax returns in the elderly body of Judy Jordan where he his cyborg Hilda hijack the Citadel, destroy most of the Suprematons, and trap Supreme himself into the Hell of Mirrors. This left Suprema and Radar to defend Omegapolis from Darius' attack. When Dax took possession of Magno's body, Suprema asks the League of Infinity for assistance via video tape message.

    Soon after Dax's defeat, Suprema discovers that the prisoners in Hell of Mirrors escape. Among the prisoners, Shadow Supreme, Televillain, Korgo, Vor-Em, Slaver Ant and Optilux wreck havoc. Suprema was able to send Optilux into the Prism World of Amalynth using his own light pistol against him.

    At some point later, Darius Dax returns with an army of dimensional duplicates from a limbo realm called Daxia where they lay siege to Supremacy and killing almost everyone until the original Liefeld Supreme was freed and destroyed the Dax invasion. After the chaos, Suprema discovers that Diana is pregnant with Supreme's child.

    Youngblood (1998)

    After the events of Judgement Day, Shaft, with the financial support of retired Golden Age superhero Waxman, formed a new Youngblood team. Suprema joins the team. Her bright, naive, 60s attitude comes in conflict with her cynical teammate Johnny Panic. As a member of Youngblood, she fought against Stormhead, the Occupant, Jack-A-Dandy, and Sentinel's evil Youngblood team Badblood (Suprema's nemesis Satana joined the team).

    Image Comics

    Youngblood (2017)

    Suprema returns in a new Youngblood series in 2017 that commemorates the 25th anniversary of Image Comics. In this series, Suprema joins Vogue's newly revive Youngblood team as they uncover the mysterious disappearances of Help! app superheroes. Suprema also has some mysterious yet clairvoyant connection to the Supremacy along with some vague memories about her past with Youngblood.

    Suprema was last seen on a rescue mission in the Pacific Ocean to free Superstitious, a Help! app user. Unfortunately, Superstitious cast Suprema into space out of fear.

    Other Versions

    Before Suprema was established in the "revision", Alan Moore created a character called Sally Supreme, a secondary Supreme character (like Lady Supreme and Kid Supreme) in the limbo realm of Supremacy, where every version of Supreme, supporting characters and love interests resides peacefully. Sally meets Kid Supreme and announce their engagement.

    In the non-canon Youngblood: Bloodsport, the heroes are fighting to the death to see who will be the one member that gets to join the multi-dimensional Youngblood Team. Suprema is seen vaporizing Twilight in the head with her eye beams.


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