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    Scrap is one of six of Captain Dynamo's illegitimate kids. Upon exposure to Radiation she inherited his super strength and near invulnerability. She has lost her original powers and now has super vision.

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    Cleveland native Bridget Flynn was raised by her biological mother and her mother's husband, Bridget's adoptive father, though her father does not know that he is not Bridget's biological father. After graduating from NYU Film School, she moved to Los Angeles, where, now in her early twenties, she works at a Hollywood California movie theater while pursuing her dreams of being a screenwriter

    Following the assassination of Captain Dynamo, the much-beloved superhero protector of Tower City, his widow, former government agent posing as a now-retired investigative reporter Maddie Warner, discovered from his personal effects that he had been unfaithful to her countless times. Despite her devastation at this discovery, Warner realized that without a full-time protector, Tower City would be vulnerable to Captain Dynamo’s legion of Super-villian enemies. She used her skills and the information she discovered to track down five people who could be Dynamo’s illegitimate children.

    Bridget was the fourth of the five children contacted by Warner, and the oldest.Gathering all five of the children together, Warner exposes them to the same unidentified radiation that gave Captain Dynamo his powers forty years earlier, unlocking their powers. Bridget inherits her father’s super strength and invulnerability. She took the codename Scrap, and works to protect Tower City with her newly discovered brothers and sisters. Warner offers to put Bridget in touch with one of the entertainment reporters from the newspaper where she once worked, but Bridget, who admits that she isn't good at "schmoozing", declines the offer, explaining that she doesn't want special treatment. Shortly after gaining her powers, Bridget's father paid her an unexpected visit a few days before Father's day. Suspicious of his reasons for the visit, he reluctantly told her that he and her mother had separated because they were no longer in love, which caused much pain for Bridget.

    A year after the team is formed, following Warner's descent into a coma, the flooding of the Aquarium, the team's headquarters, and the discovery that Scrap's brother and teammate Myriad is a half-extraterrestrial with an alien appearance, the team falls apart, but Scrap remains in Tower City to protect it. She enlists the Firebirds, Quake and new heroine Vigil. The temporary team disbands after the siblings reunite. She subsequently decided to move from Los Angeles to Tower City full time.

    A plot organized by Maddie's deranged son Michael found the Dynamo 5 stripped of their powers. However after receiving a second dose of the radiation their powers were returned, sort of. When Bridget punched evil half sister Synergy she had none of her strength or durability. Synergy was about to hurt her sister and but was caught by surprise when Bridget manifested her brother Visionary's energy blast. The team was able to convince Synergy that they had not animocity towards her and that Michael had no intentions of helping her free her mother. Synergy fled at the realization. While trying to come to grips with her new abilities, Maddie informs her that she is appointing her the new team leader, a fact she argues with as she didn't want to take the position away from her sister. Maddie convinces her that she does not have any problems with Oliva's leadership skills, but that during her time as the only member of the Dynamo 5 that she has grown to be come a better leader than her sister. Bridget turns down using Hector's helmet and visor chosing to fashion a pair of goggles instead. She now goes by the name Supervision.

    Bridget has developed a friendship with her biological half-sister, Olivia Lewis.

    Bridget has a labret piercing, below the lip but above the chin.


    Bridget Flynn has superhuman abilities related to her eyesight, which include laser vision, X-ray vision and telescopic vision, which were formerly the powers possessed by her brother, Hector Chang. Her powers appear to function exactly as her brother's did. Her laser vision is used as an offensive weapon and can be used to neutralize human opponents and large objects. They also possess a concussive aspect that can batter targets and demolish walls. Her x-ray vision allows her to see through solid objects. Her brother also possessed telescopic vision, allowing him to see great distances, but Bridget has not yet been depicted displaying this ability. Bridget wears goggles that, like the helmet formerly worn by her brother, focuses her laser blasts, making them more concentrated. Despite the power she wields, she is reluctant to kill or cause life-threatening injury in battle.

    Bridget originally developed super strength from the radiation administered by Maddie Warner. She also possesses a modicum of invulnerability, as evidenced when she took a full charge of electricity from the villain Voltage. She tends to throw large objects at her foes, but her aim leaves something to be desired.

    Her previous powers as Scrap were superhuman strength and invulnerability. The upper limit of her strength is unknown, but she has been observed lifting a tank over her head, and throwing it the length of a city block, and destroying large powered amour suits by kicking them, without sustaining any injury. If the weight of an average tank is around 50 tons (ranging from about 44 to 62), her strength would at least sit at around that much. On another occasion, Scrap was able to easily survive being pushed off a skyscraper by her half-sister Synergy (who also possesses their father's superhuman strength), smashed through the street below to a set of underground subway tracks, and further kicks to the abdomen by Synergy, without more than a moment's incapacitation. She easily shrugs off automatic weapons fire.On the other hand, electricity of a sufficient power level can temporarily stun her, and a direct punch from the supervillain Brawn was able to knock her into unconsciousness or semi-consciousness for several moments. Scrap has shown a reluctance to kill or cause life-threatening injury in battle. After the her first encounter with Bonechill, she practiced holding her breath, and can currently hold it for twenty minutes.


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