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Koppy McFad is the kid with the most comic books in America, and an unstoppable imagination.

While he deals with the things that kids all over America were dealing with in 1942, chores, school, bullies, homework, the things he hears about on the radio and sees on the news reels about World War II, Koppy copes with them with the help of his comic book fueled imaginary self, in his mind he is the superhero Supersnipe, a solver of crimes, doer of great deeds, who’s allowed to stay up late and have as much ice cream as he wants.

It’s said that a style of fiction is not a full-fledged genre of its own until people start doing parodies of it, the idea being that it has become so much a part of the public imagination that people get it when the tropes are played for laughs.

In that case then superheroes became a distinct genre when Army & Navy Comics became Supersnipe Comics.

Remarkably popular at the time, Koppy and Supersnipe’s adventures were told in 32 pages stories, the first comic book character to be regularly given more than the 6 to 12 other comic characters had to deal with.

Gaining almost cult status during his run in the 40s, the character has not been seen since.    


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