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John Winchester faces his greatest test as he learns the hard way that in the world of the supernatural, not all is as it seems! Betrayed and cornered, John must apply everything he's learned if he wants to survive and see his children again!

This final chapter of John's journey picks up when Hunter reveals that the Black Shuck hellhound had been working for him all along but claims that neither he nor the dog are responsible for Mary's murder.

John tries to follow the man he thought of as a friend up until now but once he crosses the threshold of The Fore Inn, there's no sign of Hunter nor the hound. Instead there is a room with several doors. Behind each door is a different frightening scene all of which feel very real to John, the worst is probably dropping onto a cemetery where he lands at the tombstones of Dean and Sammy. It's Hunter who "rescues" him from the hallucinations by giving him a smack with a shovel and tying him up. It bought Hunter enough time to start with more mysterious talk of what's out there that John needs to fight but without revealing details. Hunter explains that this journey was not about finding Mary's killer and that it was about showing John the supernatural world slowly over time in order to convince him of his destiny as a demon hunter.

In a freeing act, John kills the hellhound with its own fang and throws Hunter off a cliff. The Fore Inn is enraptured in flames (it's not clear if John started the fire or if it's part of the powers of the building to self destruct).

The tale of John Winchester's origins as a hunter end when he is drives back to be reunited with his sons and starts out a new journey with them at his side.

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