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John Winchester's journey nears its conclusion as he and the Hunter travel to the legendary destination the "Four Corners," in the American Southwest. It's at the mysterious Fore Inn where he'll confront his wife's killer — but could he possibly be prepared for what he'll find and what secrets are revealed.

John Winchester and his hunter mentor continue their journey. They go back to see Fletcher Gable to ask his opinion on the numbers 1-1-2-7 which keep coming up in the clues to Mary's murder. He reads the numbers as map coordinates, zone 7, #112 off a special mapped marked with cemeteries. That spot is the legendary Four Corners of the U.S. where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico meet.

John and Hunter end up in Hope, Colorado which has been abandoned. A store clerk tells them about The Fore Inn (an anagram for The Inferno.) As they approach in the car, strange things start to happen: Dean and Sam appear in the road, lightning strikes down a tree to block the way, a herd of wild pigs has dropped dead, and that's just the beginning of the weirdness. They have to go the rest of the way on foot which also proves treacherous.

Eventually the pair find the gate of Forever Circle Cemetery where they are faced with wild dogs. Then they have to climb around a mountain's ledge when the road just stops. But it's on the steps of the Fore Inn that John is presented with a startling revelation.

The Black Shuck (Hellhound) with the missing fang greets them. When John tries to take a shot and misses, the hound leaps to the side of Hunter who says he commands the creature.

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