Supernatural: Origins #4

    Supernatural: Origins » Supernatural: Origins #4 - Chapter Four released by DC Comics on October 2007.

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    The next step in finding his wife's killer sees John Winchester and the Hunter making a journey to visit a priest in South Dakota. But is John ready for what the priest has to show him? Could he at last be reunited with Mary?

    The book was released on shelves on August 9, 2007 but has a pub date of Oct '07.

    This chapter of Supernatural takes us on two very different journeys of self sacrifice plus a third journey which is the continuing quest by John Winchester to reunite with his dead wife or at the very least track down her killer.

    Two new characters are introduced in Chapter Four as well. Doc Benton, a monster who was once a man, keeps himself "alive" by constantly swapping his degenerating body parts for healthy ones. Of course, the requires a lot of killing on the Doc's part. He cheats death by stealing organs from living people. (Un)fortunately for Doc Benton, John Winchester doesn't have time to search for Doc's weakness and put him to rest peacefully; instead John runs for the cache of weapons in the trunk of the car and cuts Doc in half cleanly with a chainsaw. He didn't really have much choice; Hunter was trying his best by burning the body of Doc's latest victim but it only wounded Doc.

    The next new character introduced actually survived Chapter Four but not without some self-inflicted pain. Father Jim is a priest with a scary past. His own mother believed that he and his brother would be better off dead then on a planet where there is crime and chaos and war. She tried to drown her little boys; Jim lived but his brother died. Father Jim knows the kind of magics that John needs to see Mary again. He cuts his wrist and uses the blood sacrifice and John's mental focus to call Mary's ghost. John gets to see her but he doesn't have time to ask her any questions before Hell's Black Shuck comes through Mary's visage. The only real thing Mary was able to say to John was, "Look at me." John takes that request and notices that he should be looking at something more carefully: the fang of the Black Shuck with the inscriptions. He sees that the fang is inscribed not just with sigils but also numbers which when put in sequence happens to be the time of Mary's death.

    Chapter Four also delivers via flashback. Readers get to see what Mary was like when she was alive and passionate (for John).



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    a different look at John 0

    The way I see it, this issue is where John Winchester makes that turn from "good guy" we can sympathize with to "anti-hero" (I term I hate to use). John has made his choice: he will hunt down and kill any being that stands in the way of his quest to find out what exactly happened to his wife Mary and of course, be sure to kill the demon that is responsible. In no. 4, we see two very opposing sides to John Winchester, his yin and yang. It shows us just how his heart is so filled with pure love an...

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