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The Supermen of the Multiverse are an army of alternate versions of Superman. There were two different teams: the first one, assembled by Monitor Zillo Valla and the second, gathered together by the Captain Marvel of Earth-5 and the Question. Using the Ultima Thule as vehicle, their common objetive was fight against Mandrakk the Dark Monitor.


First team

The team choosed by Zillo Valla included Captain Marvel (from earth-5), Superman (native of earth-0), Captain Atom of Earth-4 Overman of earth-10 and Ultraman, under the promise to give each one a searched teasure. The Supermen land in Limbo, where Ultraman betrays them and joins with Mandrakk. After Ultraman's defeat, Superman tells Billy to go and gather Supermen, leading to the official formation of the Supermen of the Multiverse.

Second team: multiversal army

The team reunited by Captain Marvel arrived just in time to overcome Mandrakk and his ally, the vampirized Ultraman with their solar-based heat vision so that the Green Lantern Corps can stake them. The Supermen also help bring Earth back to its proper place from where Darkseid had drawn it.


The first team reunited by Zillo Vala were:

  • Superman of earth-0 in his preFlashpoint iteration.
  • Overman of Earth-10, a world where the Nazi Party won World War II, and the world is now a utopia built upon genocide and suffering.
  • Ultraman, the antimatter version of the character.
  • Captain Allen Adam of earth-4, the quantum Superman.
  • Captain Marvel of earth-5, a world more kindler than others.

The second team gathered by Captain Marvel included:

  • The Superman of Earth-30, a world where he is a champion of the Soviet Union.
  • General Zod, of Earth-15, who had succeeded Superman as a hero
  • Apollo and Mr. Majestic, previously of Earth-50, home to the Wildstorm Universe. Now dwellers of the mainstream DC earth.
  • President Superman, an African American Superman who is President of the United States on his world, earth-23.
  • Sunshine Superman of the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld,aka earth-47, a world based on drug culture of the 1960s and 1970s, previously mentioned in Animal Man.

Other members only mentioned and later visualy hinted were characters inspired in Superman analogues from other companies (Marvel, Image, Malibu, Big Bang, among them) :

Others members of the team visually resembled Ultiman, Omega the Unknown, Realworld's JLA Superman and many others posible from beyond the local multiverse.

In interview, Grant Morrison revealed than other intended members not included in the scene by space constraints included: Superwoman (earth 11), Superdemon (earth 13) Superman 2 (Secundus, from All Star Superman), Superman from earth 21 (New Frontier) and Bizarro, flying backwards to the others.

Most of the members of the Supermen of the multiverse were revealed in the Multiversity Guidebook.


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