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Great But short

This is one of those movies that has a great story, like all DC animations I've seen. But with these DC showcases, there just way too short. Its like watching a TV show. But the film together had great action and the voice of black adam is just how I imagined it would be. My favorite part is when black adam is fighting superman in the beginning. I love the Line, "you are my physical match, but I sense one critical difference, A vulnerabilty to Magic". Also the fight in the city was really cool. Adam has a good arguement about power. " if you crush an ant beneth your feet do you feel remorse, no because they are weak or because you recognize yourself as a higher form of life. That line was deep and moving. The thing that disappointed me was the origin. In the comics, black adam kills billys parents. And the part where is lead to the cave where the wizard SHAZAM lives. It wasn't that tiger thing. It was the spirit of Billy father that lead him there. But still heres what I say about this movie. You must watch it, but don't buy it. Just bootleg it or something. 

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