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This Should've Been a Full Lenght Feature!

 The Bad:

I didn't liked Billy Batson using a Superman pijama... His boxers were from "The Flash"? But I agree this was because I felt a little biased against this, thinking, it would be natural for a boy use something like this if he admires the World's Greatest Hero... My son uses Superman or Batman pijamas almost daily!

Also, I felt it was very gratuitous the way Clark Kent was related to Billy Batson in the movie, perhaps this is my greatest "but". Although this is really unimportant overall.

The Ugly :

This not being a full lenght feature by DC! This SHOULD'VE been a Captain Marvel movie!

My only hope is that, eventually, we could get a second one or a full lenght animation featuring the formation of the Marvel Family!

The Good :

This, as JLAShazam has said, is about Billy Batson and NOT about Superman, or Black Adam or even Captain Marvel, the story revolves around Billy Batson and his destiny to be "a protector, a hero".

Superman in Captain Marvel's origin is a detail, really, in fact, I see the use of The Man of Steel as a measure to show the differences between the bearers of the Power of Shazam and himself.

Black Adam is, really, impressive: He has all the "traditional" Shazam powers plus the lightnings AND whatever he does with that big stone thrown at him? He destroys it with... what exactly?

Billy when going out to the street and being a protector and good to everybody, shows a kid who's making an honest effort to be good and try to maintain his innocence in a world which is difficult and cynical, which puts him aside of anything near the line of "naivete" or even "sillyness": Billy is good because he has chosen to be so, but that doesn't means he's a fool, although people might make a mistake on that.

The animation is EXCELLENT, and this Superman's rendition is better than the one seen in any of the two Superman/Batman animations, IMO.

The action sequences are also EXCELLENT, top notch animation on behalf of DC Comics, I've only seen Wonder Woman and Batman battling so good in the DC Original Animation Movies.

The voyage of Billy to the Rock of Eternity, the more modern "subway train", the magical coin... All those little details.

EVERY Captain Marvel fan must have this animation!  

I forgot to say that I really liked? At the ending credits, the usual "Superman Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster" goes along the "Captain Marvel Created by C.C. Parker and Bill Parker".

I thought that was cool as well. 

I also give a 5/5 minus, but only because this should've been a full lenght feature. 

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