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  1. Cover by Curt Swan and George Klein.
  2. "The Golden Rule!" (public service message by Bob Hope / written by Jack Schiff)
  3. "Elastic Lad Jimmy and His Legion Romances!" (Jimmy Olsen, Legion of Super-Heroes, Lucy Lane / written by Jerry Siegel. Reprinted in: Adventure Comics #503 and The Legion of Super-Heroes Archives #3. In order to keep his honorary membership to the Legion of Super-Hereos, Jimmy "Elastic Lad" must perform three deeds. What happens when three female Legionaires fall for him?
  4. "The Death March!" (Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Perry White, Lois Lane, Daily Planet) written by Leo Dorfman, penciled and inked by Al Pastino. Reprinted in The Superman Family #164. Why does Perry force the Daily Planet staff to reenact his grandfather's march across a desert under extreme conditions?
  5. "The Goose with the Golden Eggs!" (Jimmy Olsen, Perry White, Lucy Lane, Sam and Ella Lane, Jimmy Olsen Fan Club) Jimmy finds a goose that lays golden eggs, but he doesn't know the command word. Will a volcanic eruption cook this goose?

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