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  1. The Wolf-Man of Metropolis! (Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Lois Lane, Lucy Lane, Perry White, Supergirl / written by Otto Binder. Reprinted in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #104.

"Help me, Superman! This magic potion turned me into a wolf-man-- and the spell can be broken only if a pretty girl kisses me! But my face shocks them!"

Who will be the lucky girl to kiss Wolf-Man Jimmy?

  1. Aloha ... Hawaii! (public service message / written by Jack Schiff)

  2. Betty (gag strip?)

  3. Jimmy's Leprechaun Pal! (Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Lucy Lane, Mr. Mxyzptlk / written by Jerry Siegel)

Mxy is back, but this time he's disguised as a leprechaun, and it fools Superman and Jimmy. Can a backwards talking parrot and an eye chart help send that imp back?

  1. Movie Mirth (movie related humor)

  2. Miss Jimmy Olsen! (Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Lois Lane, Perry White, Lucy Lane / written by Robert Bernstein. Reprinted in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #95 and Superman: The Daily Planet.

Superman goes undercover as a girl, Julie Ogden to investigate a jewel robbery. What happens when the jewel crook takes an interest in Julie? Jimmy, now Julie Ogden, disguises himself as a girl to catch a jewel robber. But what happens when the thief gets interested in Julie romantically?


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