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  1. The Son of Superman (Jimmy Olsen, Superman / written by Otto Binder : reprinted in: 80 Page Giant #2 - Jimmy Olsen)

What happens when Superman adopts Jimmy, and a prophecy says that Superman will destroy his son?

  1. Wanted: A Pal! (public service message / written by Jack Schiff)

  2. Casey the Cop (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)

  3. Shorty (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)

  4. The Cub Who Cried Wolf (Jimmy, Superman, Perry White / written by Alvin Schwartz)

Some crooks set things up so it looks like Jimmy is crying wolf when he calls for Superman. Can he prove that is not the case?

  1. Honey in Hollywood (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)

  2. Ollie (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff)

  3. Chuckle Box (jokes)

  4. Superman's Greatest Enemy (Jimmy, Superman / written by Otto Binder)

A crook disguises himself as Superman. Can Jimmy find out in time?

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