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  1. "The Magic Card!" Public service message written by Jack Schiff.
  2. "Lois Lane's Anti-Superman Campaign!" part I: "Lois Lane's Anti-Superman Campaign!" part II: "Mr. Mxyzptlk's Election Magic!" part III: "The Super-Election!" written by Leo Dorfman, penciled and inked by Kurt Schaffenberger.
  3. "Cap's Hobby Center" activity page by Henry Boltinoff.


  • Lois Lane was volunteering as a nurse at the Metropolis Hospital.
  • Ruth Kelso is the national chairman of the Lois Lane Fan Club.
  • Perry White becomes the new state Senator and he chooses Pulitzer Prize winner Van Benson to replace him as the editor of the Daily Planet.

"A 3 part novel, complete in this issue! Will it be Senator Lois Lane or The Senator of Steel? There has never been an election like this!"

Superman: Lois, why are you campaigning against me? You know I'd make the better Senator!

Lois Lane: Friends, don't let Superman's 'ball of fire' stunt razzle-dazzle you! He's a conceited, glory-hungry politician!... Vote for me!"

"A vote for Superman is a vote in vain! Vote instead for Lois lane!"


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