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Today you're going to meet my cousin...

Loeb isn't all that loved by Marvel fans but he sure has done a lot of great things over at DC. Bringing back Kara Zor-El is definitely one of them. After Crisis On Infinite Earths there was no Supergirl for a time. The one we eventually got was a freaking shape shifter and a girl bonded to the shape shifter next. Loeb wanted to bring Supergirl back and DC agreed. To make all of that even more awesome they got Michael Turner to do the interior art. 
Following the events of Public Enemies, Supergirl has arrived in Gotham. Not speaking our language and running around the city naked, obviously she causes some problems. Batman stops her with a chunk of K and takes her to the Batcave to analyze her. She meets Superman for the first time and they learn they are cousins. The story then touches on Superman's and Batman's trust issues and how they differ.  
Since Big Barda left the Female Furies Darkseid has had trouble filling the void. He chooses Supergirl as his replacement and sends a team to collect her on Paradise Island while she is under the watchful eye of Wonder Woman and the Amazons.  
Much more than just a superhero story. Loeb and Turner explore trust and one mans longing for family in this trade paperback. Possible my favorite DC story and can be enjoyed many many times over. I just hope I don't ware out my copy.

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