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Together Their the Perfect Team

  By The Angry Comic Book Critic 
      This movie I flat out loved because it brought me back to one of the greatest places you can be when you've become a cynical adult your childhood. To me Batman and Superman the animated series where the embodiments of childhood a for a brief moment this film brought me back to the good old days when T.V had actually good shows and life didn't seem so damn complicated. This film stars three of the people who don't just act when they play these roles but actually in mindset become these characters and those people are of course Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Clancy Brown as none over then the role they where born to play Batman Superman and of course Lex Luthor greatest criminal mind of our time so without any future delay lets dive into the best team up film I've seen well...ever. 
       Now this film is adapted from the comic of the same name and has a few things changed about it thankfully such as a brief battle with the Superman of Kingdom come now as to why he was there in the 1st place search me. Now never before have I seen such a perfectly team up captured on film the characters of Batman and superman as well as Lex Luthor had the perfect blend of friendship hate and even a bit of witty humor thrown in to make there screen time together work  perfectly without subtracting anything from the task at hand. Now the story is pretty simple a kyptonite meteor is on a collision course with earth and Lex Luthor has become president (god help us all) and through a  well orcastrated set up Lex has made superman into a criminal by claiming he killed Metallo an old enemy of the Boyscout's from way back when now Batman and Superman have to clear their name and saved the day. Pretty simple right? Wrong! because now every hero and villain out there is either going to bring them to justice for what they believe to be the good of the country or for the 1 billion dollar reward. Alright now I have to say the animation in this film stayed really true to the source material and worked really well now personally I would have liked the animation used for this film to be carried over to this film sequel but hey you can't always get what you want. Well that about sums it up for my thoughts on this film and I highly recommend this one to any fan of the Dark Knight or the man of steel. I'm The Angry Comic Book Critic and this one gets the stamp of perfection. 

 Superman Batman Public Enemies 



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