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WOW... This is the only words I could come up with when i finished watching this movie. It's a very good tribute in a way to artist Michael Turner, who I personally did not like but can say he was a huge force in comics 'til the very end of his life, God bless him! The fight scenes were tremendous, the characters were drawn in a very "Turner-esque" feel that was clearly seen in the way the women were drawn and wow were they drawn well! The story is described above and so I wont go into specifics but I have to recommend this movie to the fullest. Not many animated movies of recent reflect the heroism and plight of a hero let alone a female hero. This one does and eventhough Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Big Barda play big roles in this movie it's clearly about Supergirl. Her journey from girl with powers to a girl full of responsibilities that far out weigh her powers and how she must deal with those responsibilities. A lot of action and an amazing use of Kara's power's that left me with my mouth wide open. Again, the animation is very stylized to Michael Turner's style of art and is soooo beautiful to watch the women in action like the comics were coming to life! The only drawback for me would be the Green Lantern short.... it left me with a big Meh... after the other great ones like Jonah Hex and The Spectre this one just didn't match up and was pretty disappointing. I seriously can't wait for what's next. GO BUY IT NOW!!!!! I cannot emphesize this enough camp outside the videostore and buy a copy these are in my opinion collector items that have to be passed down to future generations!!!!!!!!!!

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