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WOW... This is the only words I could come up with when i finished watching this movie. It's a very good tribute in a way to artist Michael Turner, who I personally did not like but can say he was a huge force in comics 'til the very end of his life, God bless him! The fight scenes were tremendous, the characters were drawn in a very "Turner-esque" feel that was clearly seen in the way the women were drawn and wow were they drawn well! The story is described above and so I wont go into specifics...

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Superman/Batman Apocalypse Blu-Ray Review 0

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse takes place after the impeachment of president Luthor in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. This is a "must have" for fans of Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner's "Superman/Batman Supergirl". Superman and Batman's friendship is going to be tested in this film, with a visitor from Krypton on Earth, the World's Finest are going to have to deal with a new crisis. The story is about Kara (Supergirl) who has finally crashed on Earth from the planet Krypton, that has been dest...

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One of the BEST! 0

  I completely and utterly loved this film.  There was absolutely nothing about it I would have changed.  Except, that from space Apokolips looks terrible.  Really, I mean none of the shots I've ever seen in any animation have been as terrible looking as that.  But that was the ONLY thing I didn't like.  The voice acting was insanely good.  The art was off the charts.  Who drew Superman and can we get them to draw him regularly.  Please!  Batman looked just as good.  I cannot believe the level o...

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now superman wins 0

yipi!.... i'm so happy that i was able to watch this awhile... its a amazing. i watch how superman beats darkseid. guys you better watch this. supergirl and wonder woman are so so so hot! i have'nt seen darkseid fight like this before, no wonder why he is so powerful to knock down superman. but then again he is outwitted by the man of steel....

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Not bad at all 1

This movie was not that bad. It starts off after the First movie "Public Enemies" where luthor has been impeached, which I like that the have finally made a DC Animated Movie with a sequel. Then they introduce Kara, cousin of superman. She wrecks the Bats boat. Which by the way, Batmans aqua costume was not cool. It looked kinda wierd. But Anyways, I like how batman put a kryptonite fragment near her and she just passed out. I'm glad that krypto got an appearence. But I love every scene involvin...

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By The Angry Comic Book Critic       Alright now this movie was by no means a bad film but I honestly did not like it as much as the comic or this film's predecessor "Public Enemies" not to say this didn't have a lot a great moments in it but there were three Big things that just annoyed the crap out of me in this film but those I'll get to later for I have to say I was very glad to see the return of Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly these guys to me are Batman and Superman there simply is no one better...

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Arrival of Kara 0

I enjoyed this movie since the Public Enemies was just as good in showing the differences in Batman and Superman.  Here this continues as they debate how to deal with Kara Zor-El.  Later Darkseid takes an interest in her and attempts to corrupt and turn her against Superman.  Kara defeats Darkseid and later takes her place in the DC world as Supergirl.    One key element that made this movie work was the casting of the voice actors.  One of my complaints about earlier animated movies was changin...

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Superman and Batman meet the new girl in town 0

DC Universe is back with another animated feature, and this time it’s Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the semi-sequel to last fall’s animated feature adaptation, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.Like Public Enemies, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is based on a storyline by Jeph Loeb (Batman: Hush) and late artist Michael Turner (Fathom), which debuted in the ongoing Superman/Batman comic book series.In this animated version, the giant Kryptonite meteorite which threatened Earth in Superman/Batman: Publ...

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Action Galore. 0

Originally written 9-30-10Gotham City is sent into a state of shock when something lands in the harbor. Batman investigates and finds what appears to be a spacecraft. Immediately afterwards, he's forced into a brief confrontation with a super strong girl whom is speaking in another language. Superman is able to communicate with her through his native tongue. He soon learns that the girl is his cousin Kara from Krypton. He takes it upon himself to show her the ropes and help her to control her po...

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Supereman/Batman Apocalypse 0

This movie was pretty great. The character development of Supergirl was fantastic. For Batman humor standards the Dark Knight's comedy was on point. I think the story was very well written and the only thing that old have been better was if batman didn't kill any doomsdays. I know they were monsters but Batman doesn't kill. So even if it was 1 doomsday monster he shouldn't have killed. My personal favorite touch was the references to other hero in this movie. We saw Orion's tech, Mr.Miracle's s...

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