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By The Angry Comic Book Critic
      Now I really hate superman....most of the time. This is the only incarnation of the character aside from the Kingdom Come Superman that I absolutely love for a few reasons...One he's not such a damn boyscout in his old age. Two the Suit he wears in this is absolutely bad ass and my favorite one of the man of steel. This is probably one of my favorite future comics cause it stars none other then the greatest future hero ever Batman Beyond and honestly the monologues given by supes in this issue are just....epic for a lack of better words but enough wasting time it's time we go BACK TO THE FUTURE and review this bad boy.
       Alright our story begins with Terry interrupting a mugging where the thieves are stealing credits with what appears to be the business end of a hockey stick...Now call me old fashioned but in my day people carried cash and guns were used to hold people up. Terry discovers that the thieves are not Gotham natives but from Superman's home town of Metropolis and as he interrogates then Bruce tells him that there has been a rise in Gotham Crime because of the Metropolis criminals coming to Gotham to escape something they call "Ghost" which has been taking down criminals by making them simply vanish off the face of the Earth. Now I'm going to skip ahead a bit to Metropolis which makes Gotham look like paradise in comparison due to Superman's long absence when he was in the control of Starro cause in that time Lex Luthor brought himself back to power and managed to get Krytonite into all the citizens bloodstream through illegal drugs making it painful for superman to walk among the people as he used when he still had Clark Kent persona. Terry Infiltrates one of the gangs in Metropolis as they go to steal some chemicals for one of Lex's Projects but during the robbery the Ghost goes into action and many of the criminals simply vanish as the try to escape. Terry and the gang then go to the fortress of solitude to steal some kinda of solar generator Superman used. In a display case where the generator is kept we get a cameo of every major incarnation of the man of Steel including one of my favorites Kingdom come superman. Again the Ghost Strike but Terry and one other gang member are able to escape to meet Lex Luthor in his shielded base Lex tells Terry he knew he was batman the whole time and it was all part of his plan to make his own Superman loyal to him alone.....Okay why is it every single villain ever always has to tell there plans to there enemies before they are completed I mean honestly it's like none of them have ever seen a James Bond film cause the Golden Rule is never tell the hero your plan before you win cause they can still stop it if there's time. Okay to make a long story short Superman shows up and stops the new Superman and traps Lex Luthor in the Phantom Zone and reveals to Terry that he is the Ghost and that he has been watching over him as well as trapping all the criminals in the Phantom Zone. He tells Terry that he's leaving earth to explore the universe and leaving him in charge of the Phantom Zone as well as gives him the Watch that signals him telling Terry that if he ever needs him again he'll be there. Now probably one of the only problems I have with this comic is I don't know if this is the mainstream DC universe or if it's the  animated universe because for every indication that it's the Animated universe there's one to contradict it saying it's the Mainstream one now this is pretty much just nit picking and personally I'm leaning towards this being apart of the mainstream universe but it still just annoys me. Now Superman in this is just great it shows how embittered he has become over the years since the death of Lois and just how much he regrets during his time under the control of Starro. I love this because it brings him to a more human level and makes him more relate-able to us all as a character by sharing emotions we all feel in our life times while at the same time still having the same devotion  to Justice we've always know him to have.  
      I'm the Angry Comic Book Critic and this future tale gets the Stamp of the Approval. Oh I almost forgot the artwork for the issue it;s alright but not a style I'm particularity partial to I'd have preferred a mix of the Art from the Current Invincible Iron Man series and the work of Alex Ross to give it that more Futuristic feel but still staying grounded to the roots of the Characters featured in the stories.
Superman/Batman Annual #4

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