Superman/Batman #85

    Superman/Batman » Superman/Batman #85 - The Secret, Part 1 of 3 released by DC Comics on August 1, 2011.

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    The start of a new story arc! A body has washed up in Metropolis, and it looks like Batman's the killer! Superman knows better, but Clark Kent gets assigned to go to Gotham to investigate. And that's when things start to get freaky...


    Some time ago in Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen is trying to impress a model and while taking her picture he finds the dead body of Garrett Remington, a reporter for the Gotham Gazette and one of Perry White's friends. Perry sends Clark Kent to report on what happened to Garrett and to see if th fact that Garrett was working on a story about who Batman really is under the mask.

    Clark takes th next train to Gotham City and meets up with Batman. the two have a brief stand off about what being a hero needs to be, and Batman storms off to investagate the Batman way.

    Batman breaks into Garrett apartment and finds out that the report had put it together that Batman is Bruce Wayne. He destroys the evidence, but not before being spotted by the police.

    Mean while Clark tries to solve the murder the reporter way, by talking to Martin Mayne the editor in chief of the Gotham Gazette. he discoves that it was true that Garrett may have figured out who Batman really is, but hasn't told anyone and kept his notes under lock and key. Martin and Clark are interupted when the police radio in Martin's office reports that Batman set off a bomb.

    Seconds later Superman arrives at the scene and speaks to Comm. Gordon who believes Batman is innocent in Garrett's death but still thinks its too much for Batman to handle on his own.

    After escaping the Gotham police Batman meets back up with Superman and learns that the evidence that Garrett found was a serial number on one of Batman's tools that her mistakenly left behind. The serial number linked it back to Wayne tech and Bruce Wayne.

    The last scene Batman leaves Superman standing on a roof top saying "I told you i don't need your help"



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    What Happens When Batman's Secret is Revealed? 0

    Batman has always been careful about protecting his secret identity...but nobody's perfect. Not even Batman.The GoodI may have mentioned once or twice that I stopped being a fan of Superman/Batman a while ago. To be fair, I'm sure there have been some well crafted stories involving the two big DC heroes but when they stopped being tied directly to current continuity, I started losing interest. There is a need for stories that new readers can easily jump into but with all the comics there are to ...

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