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Magic is its own undoing




The Story:

Superman must help the JLA of the future – Aquaman, Klarion the Warlock, Traci 13, Stanley and His Monster, Scream Queen and Jason Blood – in preventing Morgaine le Fey from traveling back in time to our era and destroying the sun! But Batman insists that you can't change the past, and, well, Batman is kind of always right, so . . . hello, eternal darkness? Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun) and ChrisCross bring "Sorcerer Kings" to a sun-shattering conclusion!


The Review:

Cullen Bunn has spun us a nice tale thus far in the arc and with #84 we have arrived at the conclusion.  The key to a book titled Superman/Batman is the interaction and character moments between the two lead characters.  Both are so important to the DCU and Mr. Bunn captures this completely!  We have this twisted future world that is our setting and the final battle for its control has been planned by Batman, he is a great tactician.  However, the linchpin for the successful outcome is Superman.  Ah! All is right in the universe.  Wait we have others in this book.  For me seeing this version of Aquaman was great.  He has lost so much and is willing to give his all for the success of the mission.  Klarion is both dark and comedic at the same time.  I truly love him as a character.  Bunn captures the essence of the character as well as Morrison did in his work.  Contingencies are planed and at the darkest moment of the battle we find our way to a proper/happy ending!  The pacing of the issue built the tension perfectly and the conclusion had a nice twist to it.  Great work Mr. Bunn you are more than welcome to play in the DCU any time!  


Visually the book is enhanced by good story telling by ChrisCross.  The panels flow with the action perfectly and are easy to follow.  


What You Should Do:

Well much like anything that is called a conclusion if you've been on board for the previous issues of the arc then make sure you buy this issue.  Great wrap up to an exciting adventure!  If you have been however then you should A) go buy this and the previous two issues and enjoy what Cullen Bunn and crew have brought to you or B) buy it in trade.  Either way you will have a great story that really captures the relationship between Superman and Batman! 


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