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I don't read Superman/Batman that often like I did in the past, and when I do read a copy of this series, it's mostly because of the cover. Instead of the usual cast of characters, we have a Supergirl and Robin team up....but it's not like the team up back in issue 62.

Halloween is the theme for this issue. What I love about this issue is that it's both serious, and funny at the same time. The story is almost what you'd would see from the 90's cartoon of Superman or Batman. The interaction between Kara and Damian is classic, with Damian being the snotty brat who thinks he knows everything while giving Kara orders, and Kara who wonders how the members of the Bat family put up with him. The villain is a bit predicable, but his reasons make sense due to a recent DC event.

I like Ale Garza's style of art with this issue. It has a cartoony style to it that works for this issue. It does make the main characters a little bit younger than they appear to be, but it makes their Halloween costumes they wear both cute (Kara) and obnoxious (Damian).

I don't really have a complaint about this issue. Damian was acting like his usual self, but it doesn't affect the way this issue went through.

Overall: This was a solid, fun, Halloween themed issue. As much as I hate Damian, this pair up is something I would like to see again in the future, especially with what the ending implies.

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Posted By The Mighty Monarch

The cover of this issue was the very reason I decided to start picking up Superman/Batman myself XD

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