Superman/Batman #76

    Superman/Batman » Superman/Batman #76 - The Brave and the Bold released by DC Comics on November 1, 2010.

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    In the shadow of the "Return of Bruce Wayne," The Man of Steel remembers the fall of The Dark Knight as Dick Grayson takes the mantle of the Bat. But the new Batman is surprised to learn that his first obstacle is Superman! And a threat both alien and mystical erupts in Gotham City that will forge – or break – this new World's Finest team.  

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    Late Arrival to the Funeral 0

    The Good: Winick, as always, knows how to really tug at your heartstrings. The story is very touching and plays a continuous tune with your emotions every page of the way. Rudy's art compliments Winick's story really well. It all has that sense of surreal that teeters on the edge of normalcy. It neer quite hits realistic and it works so well. The dialogue is all sharp and accurate. Every character really seems like themselves, Winick truly has a great understanding of every character involved. T...

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    The Brave and the Bold. 0

    It's amazing how one man's death can still have long-lasting effects on the superhero community. Since Batman was unfortunately tagged with the Omega Sanction, the people who knew him the most have all had their ways of coping with their collective loss. Tim Drake's been finding clues that Bruce may have dropped off in The Return of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson stepped up to become the new Dark Knight, and here, in this issue of Superman/Batman #76, Clark Kent has a way of coping with that loss. Bu...

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    In Preperation of Bruce's Return 0

      With Bruce Wayne's imminent return next month, we are given one last look into the aftermath of his "death".  If you don't know already, Bruce was sent through time thanks to Darksied at the end of Final Crisis.  Now we know about the arc that occurred right after his death, Battle for the Cowl.  This isn't a look at that though.  This issue is simply a reaction of a few of the heroes closest to Bruce, and their reaction to his death.    Superman, Wonder Woman, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, even Gr...

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