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Hail to Grodd

Maybe it is just me, but before this review this comic got a User Rating - 9 votes, 2.8 avg.  It is better then a 3, this is a least a 4.
I love future Batman stories.  Batman: Year 100, and everyone enjoyed Frank Millar's Dark Knight series.  This story is a future simulation of what the world would be like if Grodd ruled the world and it would not be pretty.
Part of the reason I really liked this is because no matter how dark the future was, every character was true to who they were.  Alfred was loyal to the end. Bruce is the greatest detective. Superman inspires.  Those golden go to ideas seem fresh in this issue where there is a Gorilla gone wild. 
This is a good self-contained story. The only reason I can think this comic got no love is because it has Grodd in it and really how many Grodd fans are there?
- Silkcuts

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