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A new color of Kryptonite is introduced as Superman's quest sends him after Metallo! But is Superman willing to ignore everything he stands for and rip out Metallo's heart? What strange places will Batman venture to in order to save the day? Zatanna guest stars in this tale constructed by Michael Green (Heroes) and Mike Johnson with art by emerging superstar Shane Davis (MYSTERY IN SPACE)!

Superman and Batman have tracked down Metallo. Batman is a little surprised at Superman's actions lately. He's going out of his way starting fights in order to get all the Kryptonite back. Batman thinks to himself that Superman is becoming more "ruthless" as he thrusts his hand through Metallo's back and pulls out the Kryptonite that powers him. He hands the piece over to Batman, who locks it up and gives Metallo a new "heart" that will hold him over until the S.C.U. arrive.

Back at the Bat Cave Batman is analyzing the radiation signatures of the different variations of Kryptonite. Superman just thinks how he'd love to be able to take a break from everything. Batman has located a small amount in the Andes and says they can get it tomorrow. Superman insists they do it now. Before they head out, the Bat Computer picks up a strange reading. He notes it doesn't match the readings of the other varietals of Kryptonite. It definitely is Kryptoninte. Looks like it could be a new kind. He tracks the location to the Oblivion Bar.

Batman and Superman both hate magic but have no choice to go to the bar. They talk to Detective Chimp and Phantom Stranger. Batman's scanner pinpoints the radiation signature to an old mystical artifact decorating the wall. With a little hellfire, the box is opened, revealing a silver moon-shaped crystal. Phantom Stranger tells them it's the Amulet of Mindfulness. He tells them it also has a strong enchantment that could be as dangerous as the Kryptonite at its core. When Superman sees it, he notes its beauty and removes his protective helmut. He seems to be under a trance already and just wants to touch it. There is a bright flash of light and he's knocked out on the floor.

At the JLA Watchtower, Zatanna, Batman, and John Stewart look over Superman. He appears to simply be sleeping. Zatanna expresses her concern after his exposure to the magics of the amulet. Batman tells her there's no such thing as magic, just things that need more studying. They begin arguing when Superman starts to wake up. As his vision clears, he sees animated versions of everyone. Superman seems in a daze and is extremely hungry. He zips into the kitchen and begins wolfing down cereal. Red Arrow asks Wally if he seems a little...Batman cuts him off saying he's "highly unstable." Finished with his box of cereal, Superman begins to smell brownies cooking in North Dakota.

As he is gone, Batman, Red Tornado, and Zatanna begin further discussion. When Zatanna sees a holographic display of what the amulet looked like, she immediately recognizes it. She starts to talk about its apparent origin but Batman doesn't want to hear it. She tells him that the legend says it was used to enslave the mind of an enemy. The only way to break the enchantment was use the other half of the amulet.

The other half appears to be on Dinosaur Island. Batman and Zatanna go there together. She tries asking how he can scientifically explain the dinosaurs being alive there. They head to a nearby village and Batman speaks to them (with the help of Zatanna's magic). He tells them what he's looking for. They are hesitant to tell him because of the dark magics involved. He tells them that he needs it to free the soul of his noble friend. They tell him that it is inside a nearby volcano. Zatanna cannot enter since she freely uses magic.

Back in the Watchtower, Superman becomes bored playing video games with Red Arrow. He asks Supergirl if there's anymore of the "Magic-K stuff." She reminds him how it's bad for them and that Batman had John send it into the sun.

In the volcano, Batman is finally able to get the other piece. As he comes into contact with it, he begins getting visions of temptation from the crystal. It shows him the desires of his heart that his mind can't confirm, including a vision of his parents and of him making out with Zatanna. He knows he could stay right there in those visions forever but then Clark will never be cured.

At the Watchtower, now they just have to wait for Superman to return to normal. Zatanna asks Batman what happened when he grabbed the crystal. He tells her he just had a few hallucinations produced from the natural gas fumes of the volcano. Zatanna doesn't get why it's so hard for him to accept magic when he's right there in a space station and is good friends with actual aliens. Batman says he doesn 't take comfort in escapist fantasy and Zatanna just tells him to "Ssik ym ttub."

Superman is back. He asks Batman what happened and what was the crystal. Batman tells him it depends on who you ask. Superman doesn't really care. He says he's been so focused lately that this gave him the break he needed. He now gets why everyone needs an escape. Everyone except for Batman...


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I don't know why this double posted! SOrry!The overall story of this issue is actually intriguing. There's special kryptonite which appears to be imbued with magic; as we all know by now, magic is a big weakness to Superman so magic kryptonite has the potential to really take him down hard. The effects of this two-part kryptonite is actually pretty amusing. Supes becomes childlike and spends a day in the Watchtower playing video games giving himself a long overdue rest from his & Bat's searc...

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