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Artists Matthew Clark (OUTSIDERS) & Andy Lanning (INFINITE CRISIS) join writer Mark Verheiden as the epic story arc unfolds! With every alien hero turning on Earth, it's Batman vs. Superman - and Lex Luthor may be mankind's only hope! Plus, the true threat is finally revealed!    
Batman stands before Superman who is being controlled by an alien force. Ever prepared, Batman had some Kryptonite in his utility belt and makes a get-away. With Superman distracted, Batman saves Plastic Man from Luthor's torture. The Kryptonite distraction doesn't last long. Since they are in a LuthorCorp building, it was designed to withstand radiation. Superman is able to use part of the structure to enclose the Kryptonite. Batman knew it wouldn't last long. He next turns to the blackrock that he and Plastic Man took from the Fortress of Solitude. Now Batman has become one with the alien force. Supergirl's thoughts soon become conflicted and she leaves.

Superman soon finds Lois and tells her that he is done living a lie. He knows that he is not part of that world. The approaching alien presence has caused him to renounce everything he's ever known or cared for. Lois is able to say the words to get through to him. Suddenly Lobo shows up. Superman asks if he's felt the call of the alien force. Lobo mentions that they tried to control him but were unable to. He leaves as quickly as he arrived. Superman is content that he does not have to deal with him too. He flies off to try to save Batman. As Superman arrives at the Batcave, Batman begins to fight him.

Outside the Daily Planet, Martian Manhunter, Power Girl, Hawkgirl, Ultra, and other fly by under the influence of the alien force. Lois and Jimmy go outside to see several "alien" superheroes simply standing as if they're waiting for something. It begins to rain rocks. Jimmy picks one up as Lois tells him not to touch it. Now Jimmy apprears to be under the influence of the blackrock.


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