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    Harvey Dent has evolved into the most powerful man on his planet. He uses his powers to help people as the Superman; however, his methods of helping can be ruthless. Harvey is the absolute ruler of Earth-9.

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    Death of Harvey's wife
    Death of Harvey's wife

    Professor Joseph Chill was in-charge of the "Miracle Solution" experiment that gave Harvey his evolved super-powers. Professor Chill and the super top secret organization known as Nightwing, were responsible for the creation of The Atom; Earth-9's first superhero. Nightwing wanted to build upon the success they had with the Atom, by turning America into a nation of super-powered beings. They sought to end the Cold War by making America more advanced then the rest of the world, in every way possible. Professor Chill, who worked for Nightwing, chose to test the "Miracle Solution" on the small town of Viceroy, South Carolina. Viceroy had a population of 803 people, most of them were African-American. The Miracle Solution was released into the town's water supply. A year and a half later, half the town was found screaming in severe pain "as their brains turned to jelly."

    Harvey Dent came into this world under unusual circumstances. A dozen high ranking military officials attended his birth. They were heavily armed and prepared to kill Harvey, if he came out his mother attacking. They were expecting the worst because the "Miracle Solution" had mutated or killed everyone else who had been exposed to it. They hoped that Harvey would display evolved super-powers. To the Nightwing's dismay, Harvey came out a seemingly normal 9lb baby boy. Harvey's mother died giving birth, and Harvey's father was grotesquely mutated and it is assumed that he died as well.

    At the age of 23, Harvey became a police officer or the city of New York. He had a phobia of heights, but sometimes his job required him to overcome his fear.. One day Harvey was assigned to persuade a man from committing suicide. The man had planned to jump from the top of Earth-9's tallest building. Harvey overcame his phobia of heights and met the man on the building's roof top. Harvey talked to the man until he was close enough to place a hand cuff on the man's arm. Harvey told the man if wanted to jump, he would have to take Harvey with him. The man called Harvey's bluff and jumped. One survived, the other did not.

    Harvey survived the fall to the amazement of medical personnel. The man who fell with him was unable to be identified; even by his dental records. The weeks following his fall; Harvey's powers began to emerge. Prior to his powers emerging, Harvey could not "wire an electric plug" and found books like "Dr. Seuss challenging." All that changed when Harvey's powers emerged. He now was able to read all the books in the local library; in one week. He also took apart and re-built everything he had in his apartment.

    Black Orchid gave Harvey the location of Nightwing's HQ. Harvey wanted answers about how he became to be the "most powerful man in the world." After scanning Nightwing's computer databases with his mind, Harvey found what he was looking for and more. It is assumed that Harvey killed everyone in the building. Harvey had obtained the instructions to create the Miracle Solution. Harvey perfected the process of the Miracle Solution and dubbed the results, the "Miracle Pill'. The pill would grant any person the same powers as Harvey. Harvey's wife, Lola Dent, took the Miracle Pill. It appeared that she did not survive.

    Major Story Arcs


    In this story arc, Harvey teams up with the heroes of Earth-9 to form the JLA. Their team consisted of: Atom, Bat-Man, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman.

    Superman's Reign

    The Superman's Reign takes place 10 years after Harvey discovered he had super powers. In this time frame, Harvey has managed to take over his world (Earth -9). Earth-9 is replica of our own Earth; however, the technologies of Earth-9 are more advanced. The Ultra-Humanite; the most powerful villain on Earth-9, had knocked out the power of the entire world and defeated all the armies of Earth-9. Harvey defeated the Ultra-Humanite with a display of raw power. The battle between Harvey and the Ultra-Humanite took place on the moon. The Atom suggest that the Earth would have been destroyed had the battle been fought there instead of the moon. After the death of Harvey's wife, Harvey appeared at the United Nations headquarters (on his world) and announced that he will be running the planet. Harvey also took over the Nightwing; the organization responsible for Harvey's powers. Harvey is now in command of Nightwing soldiers which are called Firestorm Troopers. Harvey also has access to the Question. The Question is a machine that is capable of world wide surveillance. Harvey then went on to marry Powergirl of Earth-9. Together they conquered their world in order to save it.

    Harvey sought to rid society of centuries old problems. Issues like poverty, war, and crime were all abolished under Harvey's dictatorship. The heroes of Earth-9 tried to challenge Harvey's rule. Many of the heroes were jailed, subjected to telepathic interrogations, or in the worst case scenario, killed. Harvey was the most powerful man on the planet. To challenge his authority was futile.

    Earth-9 had its own heroes with the same names as New Earth's heroes and villains; however, Earth-9's heroes had much different powers and backgrounds. The Green Lantern of Earth-9 possessed a "green lantern" that acted as a means of transportation between New Earth and Earth-9. This is how Wally West and John Stewart originally came to Earth-9. A team of superheroes from New Earth went to Earth-9 in search of John and Flash. The team included Batman, Hal Jordan, Black Lightning, and Black Canary. By the time they got to Earth-9, Harvey had already went to New Earth. Harvey had taken John Stewart's' ring and used it in combination with Orion's warping power to travel to New Earth.

    Harvey and Superman fought with Harvey getting the better of the exchange. Harvey proceeded with his plan to take over New Earth. Harvey had taken all the leaders of New Earth hostage. He destroyed the White House and the Capital building. He also destroyed many of New Earth's capital cities. Next, Harvey took control of the nuclear weapons of Russia, China and Pakistan. New Earth was on the verge of annihilation.

    Tangent: Superman's Reign #11, by Ivan Reis.
    Tangent: Superman's Reign #11, by Ivan Reis.

    Harvey then made an alliance with the super villains of New Earth. Harvey's new allies included Lex Luthor, Black Manta, Dr. Psycho, Scarecrow, Joker, Poison Ivy and Mister Freeze. Harvey also had Powergirl and Orion of Earth-9 to do his bidding. Batman later finds the weapon he was looking for; Harvey's supposedly dead wife. Harvey had led his Earth to believe that his wife died. All the while she was in hiding. She had been evolving and growing stronger. Lola Dent was not the only being Harvey pretended to be dead. The Ultra-Humanite was still alive and now the powerful creature was under Harvey's control.

    The villains of New Earth soon turned against Harvey. Harvey found himself fighting a multitude of super-powered beings. Powergirl and Orion had been defeated and Bat-Man sacrificed himself to defeat the Ultra-Humanite. Lex Luthor managed to deactivate all of Harvey's nuclear warheads. Harvey was now on his own.

    Harvey made his final confrontation with Superman. Harvey had stopped Superman's heart from beating and his brain and lungs from functioning. Clark was on his knees writhing in pain. Before Harvey could do anymore damage, Superman was freed from Harvey's hold by none other than Lola Dent; Harvey's ex-wife. It took a combination of New Earth's heroes (and villains), Earth-9's heroes, and Harvey's ex-wife, to bring Superman's reign to an end. Earth-9's Green Lantern imprisoned Harvey, Ultra-Humanite, Powergirl and Orion in the prison that Harvey had created for the Ultra-Humanite. Earth-9's Green Lantern then sent them hurtling through the far reaches of deep space, never to be heard from again.

    Convergence/Crisis on Infinite Earths

    In the multiversal spanning event heralded by a cosmic iteration of Brainiac, Harvey's universe was one amongst many to be selected by the omnipotent intelligence to partake in his ultimate survival experiment. Harvey opponent is revealed to be The Flash(Barry Allen). During his fight, Harvey scanned Barry mind showing him defeating the Anti-Monitor and saving the Multiverse. Harvey then surrendered so Barry may be return to his timeline and proceed to save the Multiverse in his future. As consequence for forfeiting, Brainiac seemingly killed Harvey.

    Powers and Abilities

    Harvey Dent has unrivaled psychic powers. He has used his telekinesis, in combination with his superb intellect, to alter his physiology and grant himself new powers. His telepathic abilities were able to effortlessly restrain John Stewart and prevent him from being able to use his ring. He also took control of Guy Gardner's ring and forced him to attack Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

    Other Psionic feats of Harvey are:

    Harvey placed an entire naval fleet on land.

    Lifting an aircraft carrier out of the water and carried it away as if it “had wings.”

    Harvey's TK shields are strong enough to take blows from Superman.

    Harvey contained the fall out of a nuclear bomb using his TK shields.

    He telepathically scanned the mind of John Stewart, an incredibly strong willed Lantern, for information.

    Harvey could stop Superman's lungs and heart from functioning.

    He even found a way to control the inorganic super powered being called the Ultra-Humanite.

    Harvey's other abilities:

    Harvey is a masterful technopath (has the ability to communicate with machines). Harvey is able to scan emails with his mind and store the information in his memory. Harvey can also download computer hard drives using only his mind. Harvey has used his technopathic abilities to fly a squadron of fighter jets that did not have pilots. As a nigh all-powerful telepath, Harvey has been shown to read and erase minds without effort, sense the presence of super powered beings anywhere on the planet and exhibit a form of ESP. Possessing the ability to see the future.

    He demonstrates this ability when he tells his wife that he knew she would have an affair before she did it. Another instance is when New Earth's heroes were surprised that Harvey was predicting their moves. Wally West stated that Harvey Dent "knows everything!"

    Harvey once used his powers to power the city of New York (Earth-9). This feat was likely a combination of Harvey’s telekinetic and technopathic abilities or it maybe that he has some control over electricity. It should be noted that Harvey has destroyed several buildings by manipulating the electrical currents within the walls of the buildings.

    Other abilities of Harvey are that he is able to sense beings that are in alternate realities, He can also learn a century’s worth of knowledge in a hour. Harvey has shown the ability to teleport and is said to be 1,000,000 times more evolved than that of an average human.


    Harvey carries a staff. He does not use the staff in combat. The staff is more than likely a part of his persona. Harvey views himself as a shepherd to humanity.


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