What if superman ever contracted a kyrptonian disease?

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What if superman ever contracted a disease?

Okay, now this isn't a question focused on whether it's possible, but are there diseases that could affect him? Suppose some creature survived from the krypton explosion and came to earth carrying diseases from krypton that could affect him. Or what if some scientist developed a virus to kill him (or the virus merely evolved on its own.) Not only would this affect superman, but the alien disease could affect humans as well. That would be interesting I think. The villain, or creature, or whatsit could threaten the world and incapacitate it's greatest hero, which would make a very challenging villain indeed. The disease wouldn't completely incapacitate him though, It'd still be interesting to see him fight when he's been weakened. I think this would be a very interesting comic, has this been done before?

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There was one written by Scott mccloud. In the story he contracted a disease from being exposed to kryptonite which contained the disease. He gradually got weaker and weaker that when he faced the reality of actually dying. The virus was enhanced by the yellow sun much like he was. It's a highly underrated story. If you're wondering which issue it is the answer is superman adventures 11 & 12. It's a comic tie in to superman TAS. Highly recommended.

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And on that series there was an issue where supergirl was infected with a different strain and superman had to race against the clock to save her. I think it was issue #52

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Wait so  was he cured? Or did he die?

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There is also an Adventures of Lois and Clark episode in the 90s that dealt with this issue. I believe they ended up using kryptonite to kill the virus inside him, and then remove it before it ended up killing Superman.

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Interesting stuff.

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Kryptonian flu would probably just make him stronger. Who'd wanna face his super breath while he's sneezing.

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In the Silver Age there was an incurable, deadly Kryptonian disease called Virus X that made its way to Earth. Superman thought he caught it in Superman #156, he actually did catch it in Action Comics #363, and I believe Supergirl caught it at one point. It was basically Kryptonian Leprosy that would turn the infected party's skin Kryptonite green until it killed them. Eventually they discovered it could be cured by white Kryptonite. Superman also catches a strange disease from a fungus that grew in the Crimson Jungles of Krypton in DC Comics Presents #85 by Alan Moore. It would have killed him but Swamp Thing saved him.

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Yeah I remember that issue. I think this was better executed here since you also had lex luthor and Bruno Mannheim and the rest of intergang working to make sure that he dies as well as Lois lane and the rest of the gang trying to make sure that they get the cure to save him.

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I would assume the Kryptonian disease eventually would become obsolete if he's under a yellow sun.

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