The Psychology of Superman as Diety and Jungian Shadow

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Good morning Ladies and Gentleman of ComicVine,

Superman III is one of those rare gems, which I place under “movies in which people have stopped caring about, and so it can move into the avant-garde”, intentionally or unintentionally. These are movies that have had their budgets slashed, star directors fired, and attracted some unknown writers. Such films contain flashes of brilliance, that otherwise would have been edited out (or left out entirely) for the “movie-going-public”, e.g. , Secret Wars being left out of the motion picture Spider-Man 3.

There are a few franchises which have managed to accomplish the avante-garde feat. And Superman III is a prime example. It tackles the idea of the Jungian Shadow—perfectly! The internal psychological conflict of Superman, and the schism in the psyche of the dual persona of Clark Kent and Superman, symbolically. Something that would have never been allowed in a Superman movie, and if it were portrayed it would have surely been ham-fisted. e.g. , Superman I's reversing time and by orbiting the Earth.

Did you know by orbiting the Earth about 24 times, the movie implies (perhaps unintentionally so) he is traveling faster than the speed of light? So, he breaks Kryptonian law, and the laws of physics - all for Love—how cliché.

However, let us turn our focus to Superman III. Here are my thoughts:

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this.


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good analogy! The same can be said of Thor, is he a man living in a God's body or a God living in the body of a man. Dedicated to humanity!

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@evilvegeta74: Thank you.

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