Supermans Invulnerability in Q

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#1 Posted by T.M.O.E. (296 posts) - - Show Bio

When superman dies do the cells in his body still continue to absorb Earth's yellow rays and keep him invulnerable to damage or is it after he is he is slowly  depowered or is it after he dies it just ends and he decomposes like a normal body

Also in Superman vs Doomsday did they ever put embalming fluid in him or at least try to i mean most of the time if someone dies that put embalming fluid in the cadaver

I know that if they did put embalming fluid in him he was probably dead

soooo yeah
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#2 Posted by Avantar (408 posts) - - Show Bio

Hmmmmmm. My guess is that the unimaginative people at DC decided to add a new power to Superman...IMMORTALITY..
I imagine the brain storming sessions at DC go something like this...
Hey what can we do different this time around...
Oh I know, lets give SUPES another power
Hmmm Doesn't he already have a power for everything?
uhhhh... wait..lets kill him..then not really..let him slowly regenerate...
Doesn't he already have a healing actor?
uh yeah but this will make him IMMORTAL...get it..he can't be killed... he will just keep absorbing energy until he comes back to life....


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#3 Posted by the creator (8562 posts) - - Show Bio

I think that when he was killed by Doomsday his body continued to absorb sunlight and this effectively jump started his body metabolism again.

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#4 Posted by T.M.O.E. (296 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah i see watt ur saying but thats just stupid as hell

i know supes is an overpowered buffoon

but can anyone really give their opinion here

no offense to u guys good posts
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#5 Posted by One-Above-You (1856 posts) - - Show Bio

In my opinion, you can't really overpower Superman.

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#6 Posted by Erik (32504 posts) - - Show Bio

As I understood it, Superman was still super strong even after death. They couldn't do c.p.r. or anything like that. So I don't think they did embalming process.

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