Superman vs Superman

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@xDJTunez said:

This might seem a little weird... but I'm not up to date on Superman. Which version of him is the strongest? All I know are that Golden Age Superman is weak compared to others, and SA Superman is stronger. But who is All Star superman? I'm just very confused on this subject.

If you're confused, read a comic or talk to people who do.

SA Superman is obviously the strongest out the three you named

Flagged for not really being a battle

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allow me to introduce you to my

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Superman pulling 11 planets. Where are the PIS enthusiast at now.

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@not2baad He's pulling a lot more than 11.

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Yeah, the chain trails off into the distance and off-panel. When a mind-boggling feat like that is treated like a Tuesday in the life of Superman/boy, I feel like that's the point where they've gone too far with his power levels. I like huge feats, but I don't like when they're treated as insignificantly as Superman bursting through a wall.

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SA superman. but current new 52 superman is also one of the strongest.

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@jobbernos: Agreed with that. He was benching the equivalent of Earth for five days straight, and all he had was one bead of sweat.

Also, do we include DC One Million Superman

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Batman wins with prep

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