Superman villains that I'd like to see return in the new 52

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Weeks ago, I made a blog on batman villains I'd like to see return in the new 52. Now I'm back and it's superman's turn. So the same process will apply here. 10. The atomic skull. 9. The ultra hummanite 8. The parasite 7. Livewire 6. The toyman 5. Doomsday 4. Bloodsport 3. General zod & the rest of the phantom zone criminals 2. Bruno Mannheim 1. Mongol So what villains do you want to see return? Comment and let me know. There are a few villains BTW I don't want to return like subject 17, the insect queen and a few others.

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bizzaro, atlas, eradicator, imperiex, intergang, jax ur.

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@Skewer:good news for you atomic skull will be comeing back in AC but i dont know what issue

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I also wanted to add metallo, I know John Corben was in a few issues of action comics but I'm still wondering when he'll become metallo.

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Ultra Humanite. Samson. Grax. Marauder. amalak. Muto. Phantom Zone villains : General Zod, Jax Ur, Kru El, Professor Vakox and Faora. Vartox. Karb Brak. Neutron. Lord Satanis. Syrene. Doomsday. Conduit. Magog. Ultraman. La Encantadora. Manchester Black and Elite. eradicator. Hank Henshaw. imperiex.

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Also Doomsday, the Parasite, Bizzaro, Eradicator, Conduit, Intergang, and Livewire.

Atomic Skull has already been brought back in an Action Comics back-up story.

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i havent seen 52 yet but is other dimention heros in it?

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@Skewer said:

I also wanted to add metallo, I know John Corben was in a few issues of action comics but I'm still wondering when he'll become metallo.

metallo was one of the first Superman villains to show up in the New 52

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Volcana, Hank Henshaw, Livewire, Dr. Destiny, Nuclear Man, Cadmus, and more of Max Landis's Atomic Skull.

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Id like to see pretty much all of them, but here's two im really looking forward to:

1) Mongul. And I hope he is a lot more like his pre-Crisis appearance in "For the Man Who has Everything." He had an extremely cruel and intelligent plan, he was physically as strong as, if not stronger, than a bloodlusted Supes, and easily thwomped Wonder Woman (even when she was armed). He is very much a brawler, so I want him to be the baddest brawler there is, not a punk as DC made him later on.

2) Doomsday. And I want him to be as ominous, dangerous, and unstoppable as he was the first time he appeared. He too was misused and now he gets compared to the Hulk. He needs to only appear very rarely, and be the embodiment of apocalypse.

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