superman or clark?

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on which side of the same man would you like to read more in the new 52?


i for once more interested in clark kent side of the story. to know how or even, i there say, "maybe" he and lois will end up together.

my only wish is to not make it simple. i hate when a guy have strong feelings for a girl who sees him at best as "best friend" get ignore buy her or even flash herself on her new BF, and then when she start feeling the same way for him he is willing to be with her without a second thought.

tho, i guess that the reason i wouldn't want to see the story goes as the above is because i'm a bit of the jealous type and beside, the above is the way all stories goes and i'm sick of it!

in short, let lois chase around for clarck to notice her.

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Both are interesting, but I'd prefer reading more of Superman himself.

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For the first time in years i will say that currently both are extremely interesting!

but i really wanna see what will happen with Clark and the Daily planet (and Cat Grant )

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Superman. He has more kick-butt action.

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There is only one person who started out as kal-el, raised as Clark, and became Superman. As for the love life of Clark, Clark should explore other girlfriends like Lana, Chloe Sullivan, Cat Grant, etc and let Lois be happy with other people. Sometimes best friends are more important than sex partners. For procreation, Clark will needs to hook up with nice kryptonian girls like Faora, Karsta, kandor girls, etc or daxamites, Luma Lynai, etc.

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For comics; Superman, but for TV; both, movie CK are just tools (literally)

TV Clark Kents > Comic Clark Kents > Movie Clark Kents

TV shows are lower budget so tend to use Clark more as he does not need special effects, comics and movies people want to see action so not as much room for the identity.

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As for me I prefer Clark. Superman is so powerful that having that persona trump Clark would boring. That is the biggest difference between Batman and Superman is that the fact that Clark is the real person not supes, while Batman is the real person not Bruce. As for his love life I dont mind him dating another people like Lana, etc (not Diana for her own sake) but in end he should marry Lois.

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