Superman and Kryptonite?

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So here is the deal,that rock has been a plot device but was it really done right?

I mean really"haha Superman look I have a kryptonite ring".

"Oh no,what shall I do now that my enemy has Kryptonite"

Gee,I wonder should I use whats left of my powers and keep a distance before Kryptonite kicks in?

Using my Superspeed of course.

Should I use Super breath or heatvision to distroy the Kryptonite before it kills me?(it takes a a sec or two before Kryptonite can effect him,besides what could the man of steel do in a second?)

Should I take it out of his hand and throw it away in less then a second?

No,I think I will stand here like a fool and just make funny faces to the camera,its better for the story that I get punked by humans.

Am I the only one who is seeing this in Superman movies/animations?

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it happens to create a story its an unwritten contract between the writers and the audience if you will. imgaine if superman just scanned the battle filed before he got there and worked out how to deal with the villains before touching down the battles would be over pretty quickly, its the same with the superman vs batman argument havent u noticed that superman in those fights never just uses heat vision from afar of just speed blitz his enemies heck in a superman and batman fight he could just speed blitz his and clothelines him and bats would be dead or throw him into space but the writers make him dumb in combat situations against lesser being only when he fights doomsday and darksied does he fight smart also why doesnt he just put on a lead suit find the all the kryptonite and destroyit or create a kryptonite cure he has the tech to this the writers would say he wants to be stopped in case he goes crazy how come no one ever says what bout if bats goes crazy its just something you have to live with

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@Crissdragon: You are not alone, dear lord this annoys the crap out of me too.

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You have taken the words out of my mouth.

I mean really,shouldn't Superman be smart enough to find a way to get around that rock basically its the type of radiation that his body can't protect him from unlike other types of radiation.

Its obvious something has to be done in order to not get tricked again and again but then again the plot device is out and its going to be wierd how humans will beat Superman without Kryptonite.

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Kryptonite rarely appears in the comics. 
In the movies/animation they appear all the time, due to lazy writing and unfamiliarity with the character.
In the comics, Superman uses his X-Ray vision to scan for Kryptonite before he goes bombarding in. Also, he has pretty much found every Kryptonite rock on Earth and locked it away in Batman's cave and the Fortress.

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@Endanger: he shoudl be destroying it with his heat vision i know he can do that not locking it away and then he needs to work on create a solar watch so he can increase hsi powers or at the very least eliminate one of his weaknesses the magic or kryptonite that i leave to the writers

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I never got it. He's weak to rocks from his old planet because it's radioactive? But he can take a nuke no sweat? What?

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The rock itself is harmless however the speficit radiation it carries is toxic to supermans body.

The radiation is the result of planet krypton's explosion which realises specific radiation that kryptorians are vulnerable to.

Earth's radiation doesn't seem to effect him,neither a nuke at some extent.

Its about the type of radiation that effects him not how much.

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You'd think that for a character that has such enhanced senses (spot on hearing and sight from miles away) he'd be like, hmm that guy's got kryptonight.... or is he really not that super after all (dun..dun... dunnnnnnn)

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