Replacement superman?

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Old news, but i found out about this just now

I also heard that, in preparation for a possible loss of rights to Superman, that DC Comics had prepared notes and sketches on a new Superman – using the trademarked name but with a completely different back story and even appearance...
No longer necessary it seems. But what if?

I wonder how this replacement superman would have looked like?

I mean name aside, he would have been completely different

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I never knew DC had a plan for that. It's an interesting idea.

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I bet 50 bucks it was Mon-El. Come on we're all thinking it. They make Daxamites the new Kryptonians and Mon-El becomes the new Superman. It's just so obvious, given how Mon-El has the same powers as Supes a reversed color scheme of a costume. I mean look at this!!

Art by CAFU.
Art by CAFU.

You can't deny this is what they had in mind

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Bring back Mon-el and Superwoman!!

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Like This!!!

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Majestic all the Way

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I would have said Icon, but lets face it, he is creator owned; DC would literally have another Superman on their hands once the character got popular and the owners wanted more $$$$!

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