Marvel Characters that can defeat Superman

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10. Malekith-

The leader of the dark elves. Durable enough to survive a Thor blast to the cheek. Can lift 90 tons, and has a healing factor. Uses evil sorcery. So he can just teleport in smoke or temporarily put Superman in darkness, away from the sun, leaving him open to attack

9. Phoenix

Telekinesis, cosmic pyrokinesis, weather control, and can summon black holes. So, she can just surprise him in a city, knock buildings over, summon rain, summon fireworks worth of flames, and then a black hole. Boom. Winning

8. Scarlet Witch

Powerful magic. She can just teleport him to a place where it is nighttime, then make it rain adamantium rocks to fall on him, and finish it off by teleporting him to Mars, farther away from the sun

7. Wiccan

Can do the same thing as Scarlet Witch

6. Nova

Can lift 100 tons, survived Galactus blasts and is faster than light. So, he can just blow up the earth, kick Superman, and blast him further away from the sun.

5. Ultron

Adamantium skin. Barely any damage from Hulk's strongest punches and survived hits from Mjolnir. Smarter than Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne combined. Defeated Hulk by absorbing energy. So, he could have Superman fly towards him, summon a force field, have Superman punch it, but he would feel pain equivalent to multiple cooking burns, and then Ultron would fly and blow up the moon and attempt to weaken Superman

4. Sif

More skilled in martial arts than Superman, more skilled in sword fighting than Ra's Al Ghul, stronger than Spider-Man, armor and has a healing factor like Dante. Her sword has probably just as much power as the Blade of Olympus. So, she can just dodge attacks, scratch Superman's chest, and hit him in the pelvis with her shield, and finish it off by scratching his face (like Wolverine did in that one scene), then stabbing his leg

3. Volstagg

Stronger than Sif, and has an ax. His healing factor is on par with Wolverine, and also faster. He has an Asgardian axe.

2. Valkyrie

Her sword Dragonfang. Absorbs energy and is indestructible. Plus, it's probably strong enough to Deathstroke's armor

1. Thor

Strong enough to deliver force equivalent to multiple supernovas, even without the belt. Can go god rage to temporarily multiply his strength by 10. He can also control the weather, allowing him to make it rainy, thundery and allow him to attack Superman while he's out of the sun.

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@dantekesha: yhhhh I think you might get a lot of heat specially with thor being no. 1 when the debate is still going on on a thread with like 3000 comments, I wish you good luck may they have mercy on you.

Edit:well specially now that I've read it.

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4 characters on this list can't.

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only Phoenix, SW,and Ultron on this list can

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I don't agree that all of those characters can beat him. A few can like Ultron.

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Thor, Odin, Ultron, Thanos, Wanda, Galactus, Surfer, Strange, Champion, Thane, Vision, ms Marvel, Grand Master, Ego, Hulk, Jean, Xavier, Magneto, Malekith, Tony with preparation, RR with preparation, Malekith, Surthur, Hela and of course Hawkeye.

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Nova is a definite no.... Superman doesn't require constant sunlight, that's why he can operate inside of buildings and underground.

That doesn't quite eliminate Malekith, what kind of offensive magic does he have? Further discussion required.

Wiccan and SW? Yes, no doubt.

Pheonix? Ehhh, iffy. Doubt a black hole would do him in when he's managed to get out of one before. Now, molecular level telekinesis? Yep he's done for.

Ultron probably could if he has the capacity to produce different forms of radiation, Red Sun and Kryptonite both have specific wavelengths that can be replicated by Cyborg and Blue Beetle so why not.

The Asgardians probably would, Sif isn't that strong compared to the thousands of tons superman is known for and Supes is rather good with Kryptonian martial arts (excluding his bullshittium tier feats.) but Thor or Volstagg? Yeppers.

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Eh, that's not a good list.

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