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So this is my first post, and hopefully it doesn't suck. Here are my thoughts if, for some reason, i was given complete control over Superman in order to do whatever i wanted to do with him. So the first thing i'd do would be to bring in another Alien villain (the best name i can come up with is Rhone, which isn't good but i'm gonna use it for now). So Rhone comes in, with some fire powers and the basic flight, strength, invulnerability that many villains have. Rhone's abilities are powerful enough that he can go head to head with Superman in a fight. In their first actual fight Rhone would beat Superman because he underestimates Rhone's abilities. Rhone would ask a mildly wounded Superman if he is a Kryptonian. Superman says yes and Rhone reveals that he was made to hunt down and kill the last of the Kryptonians. Superman asks why Rhone wants to kill the last of the Kryptonians, but Rhone wouldn't say. Rhone tries to kill Superman, but Superman uses his laser vision and pulverizes Rhone, having been recuperating while Rhone talked. Rhone flees Earth and goes back into space. Superman realizes that Rhone could kill Supergirl, Zod, or any of the remaining Kryptonians, and decides to pursue Rhone in space. Says his goodbyes and flies off into space. What all i just wrote would take aproximately three issues.

After those three issues, DC would launch a 12 issue mini-series called: A World Without Superman. Other than the Superman Comic and possibly Action Comics (set in the past) no comic would be allowed to use Superman for a year. The WWS miniseries would show the impact of Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Metropolis when Superman's gone. It would also show other portions of the world and the Justice League without Superman. Through the first three issues, people would believe Superman's coming back. Issues 4,5,6 would show General Zod attacking Metropolis, everyone believes that Superman will come back to fight Zod, but he doesn't Supergirl comes and is beaten. ultimately, the Justice League comes in and barely manages to defeat Zod. 7,8,9 would show how corrupted Metropolis becomes in Superman's absence. 10,11,12 would show the effects on the larger world without Superman. the Superman symbol becomes something people want to burn, and they end up actively hating him. Thinking that he abandoned him.

Anywho, while in space, Superman hunts down Rhone. Once he finds him, they fight with Superman winning. Superman interrrogates Rhone, and Rhone reveals that 300 years ago Rao was a yellow sun and the Kryptonians were a feared race of nigh-immortal superhumans. Rhone's race was attacked by the Kryptonians and persecuted by them Less than four hundred of Rhone's species survived. However, the remaining ones worked together after capturing a Kryptonian and discovering their abilities come from the yellow sun. the Kryptonian later escaped, killing half of the remaining rebels. Rhone reveals that that Kryptonian was named Mar-El, the great-grandfather of Jor-El. Rhone and his people later launched a highly experimental missile into Rao that caused it to excelerate its evolution into a Red Giant. within a hundred years its transfered into a Red Giant and millions of Kryptonians die. The last two hundred years they build a paradise on Krypton, with only the House of El realizing that Rao will end up engulfing Krypton. No one believed them and eventually the House of El launched Kal-El to Earth in hopes of saving him. Rhone states that a number of other Kryptonians survived thanks to machinations of Brainiac. Rhone attacks Superman with renewed strength and defeats him, trapping Superman in the Phantom Zone.

Eventually Superman escapes, but it takes far longer than he realizes. He fights with Rhone once more fighting him, and beating him, but not killing him. Superman realizes that Rhone is in fact quite tragic and leaves for home. ONce he arrives back home on Earth he goes to Metropolis and finds out that in his absence, Lex Luthor basically took control of the city.

That's how the arc would end. So in my mind, Superman spends four months looking for Rhone, four months in the Phantom Zone (though it doesn't feel like it to Superman) and then four months to get home.

So what do you think, does it suck?

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@JamesKM716: It's not a bad story idea, but some of those concepts have been explored in Superman quite recently. Him leaving Metropolis was seen in the New Krypton arc to an extent. The idea that another alien race led to the demise of Krypton, and the hunting of the last kryptonian is seen in Superman: Earth 1. Also, why would Superman leave Earth to chase Rhone if Supergirl is on Earth, and Zod should be in Phantom Zone?

Other than those points it would be an interesting story arc. Are you an aspiring writer, or is this a purely hypothetical situation?

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Hmm. A lot of these plot points have been used before in Superman stories. As well as the aforementioned ones, Last Son had Zod and the Phantom Zoners attack Metropolis with the World's Superheroes unable to stop him. Also Superman left for space in the Bryne arc after killing the Pocket universe Zod. However, your history of Krypton is very interesting.

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It dosen't suck, but it does seem to reuse a lot of old plotlines. Death of Superman, the resent New Krypton storyline (or whatever that mess was called) And the Grounded Storyline where superman walks all over America.

i think one of the big problems with moderne day superhero storys, is that these chrecters have been around for so long and the people writing there story's these days grew up reading Superman. So a lot of people find them selvs re using stuff that happend in there own favorit storys. Imean when was the last time you read an interview with a writer on a superhero comic, who didn't talk about building on what was already there. So basily we have a whole generation of writers who grew up with Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers, Superman, Justice Leauge or what have you. Nothing new ever really happens, becuse modern day Superhero comics are at it's core FanFiction.

Besides the best Superman comic book in the past 10 Years is Invincible by Robert Kirkman.

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How does it mimic Grounded exactly? i haven't read but the very first issue of it.

I get New Krypton and Death of Superman. Both those make sense.

I haven't read a lot of Superman stuff, though i really want to read Earth 1. And i'm about to read the first two volumes of Invincible.

Also Lvenger when was the Byrne ARc?

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In that Grounded explores themes of what Superman means to the world, and what his leaving does to Metropolis With Luthor taking control.

If by Volumes you mean the HC of Invincible then you're golden. If you are talking about the two first TPB, then buy the third one right away.

The first few issues of invincible (Like the first TPB) are really boring, but then the story kicks in to high gear, and it only get's better and better.

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Oh okay, i didn't know that. Thanks :)

I think its the trades.

It's funny i read the first issue of Invincible and i really liked it.

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Well, the first issue is all right, but it takes some time for it to relly hit it's stride.

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I feel like that's how it is for a lot of comics. Not all of course, but a grand majority. Such as Walking Dead, it was good for a while, but only got great when the Prison was introduced. Actually that's wrong, it was good in the first issue, great once the whole Shane debacle came down and then amazing when the Prison was introduced.

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Yeah The Walking Dead is a great comicbook, but with Invincible somthing happens that sends the book in a new direction and it really becomes great. Also the art gets 10.000 times better then it is to begin with.

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Good to know, thanks!

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I would check it out. Nice to see people coming up with Superman stories. Work on it some more to make it more unique and it will be golden.

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I like the fact that you've put a lot of imagination into this. You obviously spent a lot of time thinking this through. The others are correct when they point out that you're using some recurring Superman plot points, but who isn't guilty of that in comics? Stick with it. You could mold it into an interesting story someday.

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