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Nobody's Non-Video Review for Superman: World of New Krypton #2

So let me start this off by saying I'm not a very big Superman fan. Its not that I hate the character, I just have a hard time buying into his character and storylines. But when I saw that he had a new story starting up, I decided to give it a go. Since this is a review for issue 2 obviously I enjoyed the first one.

So the issue starts off with the Guardians of the Universe taking notice of New Krypton appearing in Sector 2814. They give the order to have Hal Jordan investigate to see if New Krypton needs "Green Lantern involvement". We then jump to New Krypton where Kal-El(Superman) had just joined the Military Guild(due to him being one of the only Kryptionians that has experience with their newly devloped powers). Zod was showing Kal a new weapon that the Science Guild develop, called "the Modified Archer-Class Infantry Assault Long Arm". Zod imforms Kal that Lieutenant Nar will be his "Xo" and that she has his orders. The two of them find some soldiers attacking a Torquat(creature from New Krypton) for fun, and Kal steps in and stops it. As punishment Kall imforms them that they will be cleaning the Barracks and then spend the rest of the rest of the daying doing flying maneuvers under his direction.

Later on Tyr, imforms Kal that there are rumors some of the Labor Guild might rebel so that they can be equals with the Science Guild and Military Guild.  But as the two of them talk it over Kara shows up. But before the two of them have a chance to really talk, they are interupted by General Zod who tells Kal they have a situation.  A heard of Thought-Beasts were going to destroy what little of the New Krypton they had managed to terraform.  Kal is given the orders to stop them by any means necessary.

When Kal's unit arrives on scene he orders them to put their weapons down and that they would use their abilities to stop the Thought-Beasts. The group use their heat vision to carve a hole in the ground a canyon leading into it. Kal then tells them that when they get close to the beasts try to ignore all thoughts and just focus on each other. As they get close they all start to see illusions that terrify them, but Kal leads them through and they use their heat vision to lead the heard into the canyon. Zod congratuations Kal on a job well done, though he says its not the way he would have handled it. The two get an order that members of the Labor Guild are holding people hostage in the Gala. Zod had just asked Kal what they should do, when they get word that Commander Gor has taken aim at other members of the Labor Guild who were not involved and that if the hostages weren't freed in "Sixty Thribs" they would kill them. Zod tells them the soldier to imform Commander Gor to go through with his plan when time elapsed.

So I have to say, I find it interesting. Its not the best books I've read, but its keeping me entertained. The arts pretty good and I'm curious where they are going to go with this. So now for some highlights:

Guilds - The poeple of New Krypton(and apparently old Krypton) are split up into three working classes(Guilds) and these are Military, Science, and Labor. The Military Guide and the Science Guile are the upper class guildes. Military deals with the protection of New Krypton while the Science Guild inproves the quality of life. The Labor guilde though are the lower class Kryptonians and they are more severants to the upper class. Kal has experessed on more than one occations that he doesn't agree with that, but others have tried to convince him thats just the way things are.
General Zod - He is the rulers of New Krypton. Making sure everything is in check. Now he is the one who put Kal in the Military Guild, saying that it is due to his experience with his powers that the other Kryptonians don't have. But its probably more that he wants to keep and eye on Kal-El, make sure he isn't going to cause him problems.
Kryptonians - Well as we all know that Krypton was original under a Red Son, making the Kryptonians weaker. Well New Krypton is on the otherside of Earth's Yellow Sun exactly in its orbit. This is causing the Kryptonians to gain abilities they never had before. So everyone on New Krypton basically are like Superman, though he is one of the few with experience with his powers.
Green Lantern - Now we didn't actually get to see Hal Jordan go to New Krypton in this issue, but I want to see how this turns out. And I'm curious if New Krypton will get involved in "Blackest Night."

So long story short, if you enjoy Superman you will love this book. If you don't though I suggest you give it a chance. You might be surprised.

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