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     On Oa, the  Guardians recall when the Kryptonians sought universal expansion. They are concerned with the fact that Superman is but a single soldier in the Kryptonian Military Guild and not the leader. The Guardians decide to send Hal Jordan to observe New Krypton and find out if intervention by the green lantern corps will be needed. However they are not sure if that would be enough. General Zod brings Kal-El to the Military Guild where he introduces Superman to the unit he will be in charge off. Zod also show Superman the new state of the art weaponry which has been developed.

    Superman flies to the capital city to catch up with his aunt, Alura. She assigns Labor Guild member Tyr-Van to Superman to show him around and answer any of his questions.

    Superman leads his team on a mission to stop a group of wild thought beasts that are stampeding towards a Sunstone plant. Superman shows his team how to accomplish the mission without killing the beasts. Zod remarks that Superman’s strategy showed weakness but he couldn’t disagree with the results of the mission.

    When Superman returns he learns that the Kryptonian Labor Guild have taken hostages in the capital, among them is Alura. They are demanding new guild laws and a representation o the council. In response Commander Gor takes hostages from the Labor Guild and demands the protesters to surrender in sixty thribs or he will kill all hostages.



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    Nobody's Non-Video Review for Superman: World of New Krypton #2 0

    So let me start this off by saying I'm not a very big Superman fan. Its not that I hate the character, I just have a hard time buying into his character and storylines. But when I saw that he had a new story starting up, I decided to give it a go. Since this is a review for issue 2 obviously I enjoyed the first one.So the issue starts off with the Guardians of the Universe taking notice of New Krypton appearing in Sector 2814. They give the order to have Hal Jordan investigate to see if New Kryp...

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