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The fourth comic about Superman.

In this comic, Diana only auxiliary character. The main role in the comic plays Superman. In this issue, more attention is paid to the Superman and Zod, than the Wonder Woman.

Surprised me was the fact that Superman was very upset when the whole world knew about his "romantic" relationship with Wonder Woman.Why he wanted to hide these relationships, even from friends?Apparently he was ashamed of these relations.It is said that eyes are the mirror of the soul.The expression on his face says that he is forced to be with Diana. Compare his facial expression when he's with Lois Lane and when he is with Diana.Besides, he never said, what loved her.

I was surprised by the words of Wonder Woman on the theme of Clark's humanity.While Lois recognized the importance of being CLARK KENT for Superman, and that it was Jon and Martha, that gave this alien his humanity. The”Almighty Goddess” is dismissing the importance of that connection with mankind, because she is goddess and she only sees Superman as a god, she only cares about his powers not his feelings. She doesn’t understand him, she is trapped in her egocentrical world when no one is better than them, because is all about powers for her.

The only plus of this comic book - it's the art. I read this comic without pink glasses and I see objective reality, that the fans of this pair does not want to acknowledge.Between this pair not romance, only friendship.

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