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The L Word

Well folks, it's finally here. The last SM/WW issue before Soule joins the dark side (Marvel). Fitting considering this is the issue that wraps up what happened to our heroes post Doomed. A few months ago he promised that this would be a love letter to lover letters and damn did he deliver. It's got everything it needs: A heartfelt reunion, action, a lovers quarrel and a touching ending.

The Reunion

A heroes job is never done. So it's no surprise Clark would find Diana having just beaten Giganta, in a stadium no less. Clark and Diana embrace as the stadium goes nuts. One of the complaints I hear about this series is that Clark seemed to be ashamed, which I always called bull on but this issue finally faced that "problem" head on. Clark is just happy to finally see Diana after having to fight through a series of black holes that he's even willing to put on a show for the kiss cam.

Finally cut the shy worried farm boy routine and manned up.

A Lovers Quarrel

Clark just doesn't seem like himself. Which is odd that after so much love that was shown right? Well Diana thinks that too. And a special guest appearance is made by a fan favorite character whose name rhymes with knife. Which lets be honest, she is just jelly that Diana has him and not her. At least now I now who to blame if me and my GF ever get into a fight.... IF I HAD ONE!!! But maybe her intentions were good, she did want Diana to have some sweet make up snu snu.


If these heroes can't get some slack in their own books, do you really think they would together? Clark needs to stop being so stingy and buy Diana some roses. He tries to be unique and give her some special flower and the damn thing almost destroys the Earth! Dammit Clark! Clark did get the right thing (wink wink) for the job. But it took the touch of a goddess to get that thing to work.

A Touching Ending

As stated, Soule did delivered a romantic and somewhat assuring moment in the last few pages. Clark and Diana talk about how hard things have been but that they are willing to fight for it and that the fighting only makes them want it more. Although nothing is set in stone those pages made you wanna root for them and hope that things do turn out well.

The Bad

As much as it pains me to say it did have one tiny problem. This issue did seem to move too fast, you don't really get lost or confused but this book needed to be a few pages longer. How they solve the problem moved happens too quickly. Although the threat isn't Doomsday or Darkseid level a few extra pages wouldn't have hurt.


It's been a hell of a ride. And IMO Soule was the perfect guy to get us to this point. If you wanted to skip the Doomed arc and wait for the next arc that's fine, But this issue doesn't really need much explaining to get into (well I did wanna see WW kick the snot of Giganta but that's an other issue). It's fun, charming and worth it. Thank you Mr. Soule and I hope the next writer will be able to do this book justice too.

Rating- 9
Rating- 9

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