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No Direction for the Future

There are those that think that the Superman and Wonder Woman romance is the best thing to happen to comics since ... (some other random thing which has happened to comics.) I tend to not fall into this category as I regard the combination of the two a bit more critically, both because of one half of the romance being my favourite character and partially because I tend to be more critical about some of the writing and with less suspension of disbelief. That having been said I thought I would give this a chance to see how it might progress, but found myself not fully sold on the idea. I have been following the romance elsewhere in bits and pieces (mostly cringing a lot) but there is something different here. I am still not sold on a lot of the concepts behind the romance (can't talk, hot date with Wonder Woman!) but here it seems to have taken a turn into some weird writing. The "Woman as Dominant Teacher" idea is a bit harried and almost seems as though some writer wishes that Wonder Woman would show up and whip him into fighting shape. If this is the best idea that the writing team can come up with to keep this story in line, then I am not sure of the way ahead for this series. It might be better to focus on the romance instead and just show them hanging out in hospitable places having candlelit dinners.

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