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Sappy Puppy Love

In a lot of ways this story is like an old-fashioned Superman story - the kind that ran in the comics during the Golden Age, and in the Superman radio and TV shows. Basically there's a gang of thieves that have a gimmicky invention they use to pull off a robbery, and Superman has to stop them.

It's hard to buy that this far into the Superman series (Lois and Superman are even dating at this point), that there are still criminals in Metropolis who don't immediately recognize Superman, and/or try to take him out with conventional weaponry... but they're here again in this story... O.K. fair enough, we'll just consider them really, really dumb criminals.

But, the main thrust of this story is about relationships - to a small degree, Lois and Superman, but mostly that of Krypto and a terrestrial dog named Chelsea. Krypto is immediately smitten with Chelsea on first sight, and much of the issue is devoted to their romance - which thankfully doesn't include any word balloons or anthropomorphic behavior.

Ultimately, however, it's little more than a 'cute' diversion, designed to bring Krypto (last seen wandering the cosmos after having his memory wiped by the Mindbreaker Beast) back into regular continuity.

O.K., fine... next!

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